The Importance of Home Inspection Checklists

A first time home buyer can be overwhelmed by the many details that are thrown at them from the realtor, lending institution and home appraisers. If you are looking at a home for the first time, one of the best things you can do is perform a general inspection of your own. This will give you a fairly good idea whether the house is even worth pursuing. If you see something you have questions about, you can always ask the realtor. Before the sale is completed, its wise to have a professional home inspector come into verify the value of the home. They will follow a professional home inspection checklist (home inspection checklist, home inspections) to determine if the home has any issues that should be dealt with before you finalize the sale.

Overall Structure

Home inspections (home inspection checklist, home inspections) should include a thorough examination of the basement, foundation, attic, walls and ceiling. All structural components must be intact without any threats of being compromised in any way. Weight bearing walls should solid and secured. Foundations should be free of cracks and the basement or crawlspace should be dry.

Roof and Exterior

One of the most important things on any home inspection checklist (home inspection checklist, home inspections) is the roof. The roof and exterior condition of the house are important in preventing water damage from severe rain or storms. While a home’s roof is one of the longest lasting features, it should be checked to make sure there are no missing shingles or weak areas. A home’s siding, like the roof, can last for years. It’s always wise to make sure there are no weak areas or cracks that cause the home to lose heat unnecessarily.

HVAC, Plumbing, Electric and Sewer

Home inspections (home inspection checklist, home inspections) most definitely will include a thorough once over of the entire HVAC system, all plumbing and electrical components as well as the home’s sewer system. Insurance companies require each of these systems to be in good working order before a new homeowner can have an insurance policy put in place.

Interior Amenities

Many of the amenities within the home also make the inspection checklist. Light fixtures, garbage disposals and garage door openers are just a few things inside the home that will be checked during an inspection. An inspector may also look at cabinets and closets to determine if there has been water damage from a leaky ceiling or black mold in bathrooms and under sinks. If appliances are included in the sale of the home, they too will be checked during an inspection.

Insulation and Ventilation

A properly insulated home is more energy efficient than one who has only the minimum amount of required insulation. Layers of insulation placed in the attic and in walls will help keep the home warm in winter and cool in the summer without overwhelming your HVAC system. Proper ventilation is also need to maintain good air quality within the home. Attic vents as well as return registers within the home should be cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of blockage.

Home inspections are important to new home buyers. A qualified and knowledgeable inspector can help a buyer get the most for their money when buying their very first home.

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