The Green Kick – 5 Ways New Green Solutions Are Being Introduced In Business

Good business and a healthy environment are intrinsically linked, and many businesses are choosing green solutions to reduce their environmental impact and reduce energy costs. All businesses impact the environment, and today it is easier than ever to make small changes that largely influence environmental impact.

Replacing Old Air Conditioning Units

Outdated HVAC systems are harmful to the environment. Units made before 2005 are prone to freon (CFC) leaks after extended use; when this chemical is released into the environment, it breaks down and damages the ozone. Modern HVAC units that use aluminum tubing are less likely to leak freon, and they are more energy efficient. New HVAC units can reduce energy costs by up to 20%, which results in less strip mining, less smog and less acid rain. Energy Star features information about more efficient systems at their website. You can also contact companies like General Waste Services Ltd to get more information about disposing of things like old AC units.

Green Roofing Solutions

Many business structures use black roofing that absorbs heat and increases the need for air-conditioning within the building. Businesses looking to reduce their energy costs and go green can coat existing roofs with reflective spray that prevents excessive heat from being absorbed through the roof. Planting vegetation on the roof further reduces heat absorption in addition to reducing runoff and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Green Transportation

Businesses can help reduce the impact of employee commutes with incentive programs for choosing greener transportation options. Preferred parking and assistance in matching nearby employees can encourage carpooling. Incentives such as rebates and monthly drawings also encourages the use of greener transportation. Adding secure bike racks and even showers can make a business more bicycle-friendly, and all of these alternative transportation options reduce gas consumption and harmful emissions.

Reducing Waste

All companies create waste, but green businesses find more effective, environmentally-friendly ways to deal with it. Creating a company-wide recycling program is an important part of reducing landfill waste while specialized collections of harmful waste such as batteries and electronics can have a big impact. Composting is also a great way to reduce waste, and the resulting fertilizer can be used for planted vegetation on the roof.

Green Accommodations

Businesses that requires travel can reduce their impact by partnering with green hotels. These hotels give guests the option to reuse linens, use water-conserving sinks and showers and choose recycled and reused materials. A list of Energy Star labeled hotels can help businesses find green accommodation options near them.

Going green can improve a company’s efficiency as well as reduce costs. Today, businesses have more incentive than ever to find environmentally friendly alternatives in the workplace.

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