The Future of IT Careers in the Shadow of the Cloud

While many in the IT field fear that jobs are at risk as more companies move to cloud-based servers and services, the truth is far from that. Even with migration to the cloud, companies will still need IT staff people. The difference is that they may be deployed in other ways to more effectively build the company’s technology infrastructure. The future of IT careers is probably directed more at innovation and less at maintenance, which is good news for professionals.

Shifting to the Cloud

Many companies are shifting at least some of their storage and services to the cloud. After all, it’s available from anywhere with an online connection and bypasses the need for internal updates to hardware and software. Plus, many companies love the pay-as-you-go model, which charges based on how much storage they use, rather than how much is available, and allows a monthly usage fee for cloud-based applications.

Despite the benefits of cloud technology, it’s still quite new, and it hasn’t been fully established in the computing world. Many businesses are still apprehensive about fully committing to cloud services because they don’t have full control over the data or a long history of success to look back on. Therefore, businesses these days are often in the middle ground of using some cloud storage and services, but also maintaining local options as well.

Where IT Professionals Fit In

Many companies still incorporate servers as well as a part of their own private network or as a part of multiple networks when incorporating the cloud. Therefore, IT professionals with network administration skills are still in huge demand. Businesses need professionals who can install, set up and run servers. Many businesses that need in-house servers, virtualization, and storage turn to server solutions which are simple for IT professionals to configure and maintain.

Because IT professionals will not need to spend as much time maintaining their networks, they will also be faced with new, and more interesting, responsibilities. For example, many companies are experimenting with BYOD (bring your own device) policies and need IT professionals to establish safe practices for the company. After all, that data needs to be protected, while still allowing employees to connect on their own devices from anywhere.

Businesses are also turning to IT staff for help with analytics and developing big-picture strategies for the technology of the company as a whole. This means that professionals often get to use higher level skills to not only take care of the troubleshooting and details of the systems in place, but also to determine how the company can best use technology. Researching new options and proposing ways to more seamlessly integrate technology into the workplace benefits everyone.

Technology’s Role is Expanding

The cloud isn’t threatening IT jobs, but instead, it’s allowing the role of IT in a company to expand. Businesses can use multiple types of storage for more security and backups and can rely on the best systems for each of their IT needs. Professionals have the background and skills to make the tough choices on what services and technology is best for the company. As technology expands further, professionals will be in even higher demand.

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