The Energy Boom – 5 Ways Energy Independence Is Helping America’s Economy

Many people do not realize the United States is achieving true energy independence. Obviously, this is good for a lot of reasons as the government can now improve the situation at home and avoid sticky problems overseas. Here are five ways energy independence is helping America’s economy.


Above all else, when American workers work for American companies in cities across this great country, people will pay taxes at home. In states like Texas and North Dakota, coffers are quickly filling as local residents and corporations pay taxes to the government. This is in stark contrast when compared to buying oil from regimes in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.


Now, it is obvious that we have an unemployment problem. Of course, when working in the energy field, most people will have no trouble finding work. For this reason, if a politician supports American jobs, he or she should seriously consider supporting the energy industry in the United States as it employs a lot of people at high wages.


With all the exploration comes spending. Think about it – when finding oil and building up cities, local companies and governments will spend some money on infrastructure. This is crucial as we need more up-to-date bridges roads and other public infrastructure. Luckily, with oil and natural gas companies spending so much money on these things, residents can now enjoy nicer areas to live.

Other Jobs

Some people, when thinking about jobs, do not think about secondary work. For example, when working in the North Dakota oil fields, a worker will spend some of his or her money at restaurants, hotels and stores. This is great for the overall economy as it will encourage spending and increase the tax revenues. Simply put, when looking to energy jobs, one must think about the new jobs created as a direct result. And of course, new jobs are created as well. Hauling trucks in and out of oil fields is a relatively new business, and companies like Hitch ‘Em Oilfield Hauling are raking in the money. If you ever find yourself in need of a winch truck in Grande Prairie, these oil field companies can more than likely always help you out.

Cheap Energy Fuels the Economy

When energy prices go through the roof, everyone hurts. For example, transportation companies will have to charge higher prices and will pass the expenses on to businesses and consumers. On the other hand, with abundant and inexpensive energy, the United States can operate well as people can do commerce without difficulty. This is in stark contrast when compared with times when we had to pay through the roof for gasoline and other fuel.

When thinking about the long-term future of the United States, one should support energy spending and investment. When doing so, the country will fare well, and people will prosper.

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