The Effects of Call Center Support on Customer Retention

A call center is used in many business organizations to receive and disseminate information. It mainly deals with customer care in such a way that customers or clients of the organization can enquire on various issue regarding the business/institution.

Customer retention on the other hand is the ‘assurance or the ability of a business to make customer loyal to them in a way they would remain their clients no matter what. It has proven a big challenge for many businesses especially small ones to retain customers. This has led to the need for many businesses to hire the services of call centers to tackle the problem. So what are the effects of call centre support on customer retention? This is dealt with below.

Generally call center has a positive effect on customers retention meaning it enables organizations and individual businesses to retain customers. An organization that has an effective call center will tend to retain customers for a longer time than those without or than those with an ineffective call center.
This is due the fact that customers will feel well treated and appreciated and also served by organization better if treated well at the call center level.

Call centers also help organizations receive feedback from their customers. It is through the call centers that customers would complain of poor services offered by the organization or compliment a good service offered by the organization. By using such information an organization may improve their services after customers complain and maintain those services that customers are happy about. This makes the organization retain its customers even more.

Customers’ needs and desires are very important if customer retention is to be feasible. An organization can only retain customers when it provides the services or the products they want. The call centers are very important avenues of knowing the customers’ desires, demands, interests and wishes. This impacts on high retention of customers by organizations.

Another way in which many companies use call centers is as a way of seduction and attraction of new customers. If a new customer calls, the call centre operators would usually talk to him in a very friendly manner. They would orient him through the services offered by the company. The customer may gain interest and end up being retained in the company as a loyal customer. Usually the main aim of the organization is to both attract and retain customers.

An example of how the call center increase customer retention is in the mobile phone service provider market. The completion for customers in this industry is very high
and therefore the importance of an effective call centre cannot be overemphasized. The service provider
who will provide the best services at the call center when customer has any enquiries may retain customers more than those who do not have a good call center.

In conclusion, a call center need to be packed with modern technology and with a jovial, active and friendly staff. The better it is the greater the customer retention. Call centers are therefore an integral component of today’s highly competitive business environment. Any business that aims to remain relevant must invest heavily in a call center as customer retention depends largely on the same.

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