The Correlation Between In-store Technology and Customer Experience

All store owners and tradesmen are unanimous in saying that faithful customers are their favorite kind. Someone who is satisfied with the goods they offer and choose them over a constantly rising competition surely is someone worth keeping. Apart from selling quality goods, it is positive customer experience that leads to having a satisfied and returning customer. One of the most successful manners of improving customer experience certainly is using in-store technology. Let us discuss the correlation between the two and pin point the best ways of using in-store technology.

Price Scanners

Having a vast number of products to choose from surely is one of the ways to improve your existing customer base and attract new ones. However, having a multitude of goods to choose from makes it somewhat difficult for the customers to keep track of how much money they will spend in the end, causing unpleasant situations at the register when they realize they do not have enough money for all the items, or that they have spent more than they really planned. Price scanners that show the total the moment your customer puts an item in the basket will forever prevent this from happening.

In Store Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi for the customers inside a store has become a standard for all respectable stores. It helps keep the customers inside longer and increases the chances of sale. What is more, it can be used to put the customer experience on a completely new level. It can be used to track customer purchases and send them discount vouchers as they walk around the store. This will instantly increase the chances of additional purchases and help build customer loyalty, as well. Naturally, the data acquired this way may not be used for any other purpose.

Let there be Light

In store lighting makes a difference, no question about it. No one likes searching for an item, let alone trying it out in dimmed spaces where one needs to make an effort to distinguish the real color, size and price of an item. On top of that, dimmed atmosphere causes eye fatigue and will make your customers leave the store faster, often without buying anything and never returning again. Therefore, make sure your store provides quality and sufficient illumination. A LED light solution, such as LED panel office light, would be a perfect example of quality in store lighting. Not only will it provide sufficient and pleasant illumination, it will save you a lot of money compared to the traditional incandescent one.

Fast Payment/checkout

The pleasure that comes from browsing the store and finding just the perfect item you have been looking for for so long is easily diminished by having to wait to complete the purchase. No one likes to queue and it is no wonder that the multitude of contactless payment options are becoming increasingly present in the stores, providing lighting fast payment and benefits for both customers and retailers. The customers leave the shop faster, satisfied with the service and grateful that they did not have to wait long and more certain to come back again. On the other hand, the retailers improve customer experience and at the same time give room to other customers to enter the store.

All the efforts you invest in in-store technology in order to improve the customer experience will prove to be well worthwhile. Even though some of the solutions may seem futuristic for your current organization, being a pioneer in the area can only benefit both you and your customers and it is a secure means of expanding the base of your returning and loyal customers.

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