The Best Ways To Deal With High-Pressure Sales Situations

A high-pressure sales situation is one where the individual selling applies a significant amount of pressure on a buyer trying to make a purchase. High-pressure sales are defined by hostile responses or persuasive techniques when dealing with concerned buyers.

In a two-way conversation with a sales person, some might find the pressure to make a purchase overly intense. Usually one person is doing the selling and one is doing the buying, and sales-people are trained to rebut common reasons why a person would be uninterested in a product. For an inexperienced buyer, the situation can be uncomfortable and the buyer could find herself making purchases she later regrets.

Examples of High Pressure Sales

One religious organization, the Church of Scientology, has been accused of high-pressure sales. The church sells courses to ensure its members keep spending more money, and it costs $400,000 to buy all of the church’s courses, keeping the Supreme Answer just out of reach from most believers. Halifax bank was also recently in the news for putting pressure on clients.

This high-pressure sales culture persists in many environments, from financial companies, to insurance companies, to auto dealerships. The culture is defined by a quota system, and from bosses who offer heaps of praise for good sales-people while reserving ridicule, condescension, and even discipline for underperformers. Because of the pressures of the job, sometimes these sales-people become unpleasant to do business with and create a high-pressure environment for the buyer as well.

Tips on How to Deal With High-Pressure Sales

• Research the market before going into the sales department. It is easier to make the right decision under pressure when you have the necessary information.

• One should set standards for how they are willing to be treated and then have predetermined stops in their mind for when the pressure is too much and they can no longer focus on making a fair deal.

• Use the high-pressure sales environment to your advantage by knowing exactly what you want and what a good deal is. When the pressure boils, use the strong incentive the salesman has to make his quota work in your favor.

• If car shopping, call the dealership before arriving and make arrangements to meet with a salesperson who has a reputation for balanced negotiating.

• Seek a win-win situation where it is fair to both the salesperson and the buyer.

• Refuse to do deals that do not allow you due time to consider an offer. Even if it is a same-day sale, take some time to thoroughly consider what to do.

• Remember the person making the sale has something to gain, so be aware of his or her own interests as well.

Diffusing Irrelevant Questions

Diffuse a high-pressure sales situation by re-framing questions so that they are not polarized to only give two options. By re-framing questions one allows himself or herself the opportunity to expose the high-pressure sales pitch for what it is. By showing an awareness of sales techniques, you can put the salesperson on his toes.


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