The Best Ways To Connect With Your Customers Online

How Customers Will Remember Your Business

Connecting with customers online is becoming just as important as connecting with them in person. Besides Facebook, there are more ways that your business is able to create an online presence so that customers will remember you. Depending on what your market is whether it’s a cafe or a barber shop for example, your online presence will be unique to other industries and how you reach out to customers.

Get Involved!

Join message boards and forums to take part in discussion, but try not to push your product or service too much. Even just use a separate user account so that you can speak more in depth with your target audience on related industry topics. If you plan to directly promote your business you can create a business account or ask the site administrator if you could possibly be a paid sponsor. Explain to the site owner about your business to them and how it can contribute to the discussion-not just your business but your personal experience in the industry as well.

Like Facebook, Pinterest is becoming more popular as far as sharing ideas, products, and services online. You will be able to share related products, services, and trends with those who follow your account and follow others to see what they pin for others to see. But don’t only repin what others have posted. Create your own whether it is recipes, images, technology, or fashion trends. But try to stand out, be the one who posts about the latest and greatest trend.

Have an interesting online presence besides the latest daily update about the beautiful weather and why you should stop by for a lemonade etc. Create events so you can do more with your updates and create a lot of hype for your business. Take photos at these events to share online so that customers see that you are involved and have fun activities going on that they will want to take part in. Attend other events or conferences and let your customers know it. This shows that you are interested in your industry and strive to bring the best products, services, and knowledge to your business.

Create a Business Identity in Your Community

To be a successful business, your online presence needs to stand out more than you might think. A lot of outside factors come into place as well such as your niche product or service, location, and sometimes just timing. Creating online presence means letting people know about it offline as well. Basics may include just putting a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram image on your sign to notify passersbys about your social media connection.

Speak to your customers; let them know about events you have created on Facebook or that there are special discount codes online. The same goes for networking. Take part in city events that allow business owners or employees to meet up and discuss. Like or follow other local business’ social media accounts, business post, and stay in touch. Most likely if their customers see an online connection between your business and the other business, then they will check out your account as well to learn more about you, even if for the moment it means just recognizing your logo.

Read up on local tourist offices or online local business pages and see if you can become involved in their review sites. Locals and tourists alike will learn about your business and with positive customer reviews, people will be more compelled to visit your business versus the rest of the competition. These review sites are also a great way to see what others are saying about your business whether positive or negative so that you can match their wants and needs.

Good customer service used to just exist in stores, but today it does online as well. In order to reach out to customers online, you will need to create interesting content for them and understand what they need from you based on their online presence and business reviews.

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