The best tent structure

Tarp tent building can be done in several ways and styles. The good thing about them is that they can be easily constructed by very simple procedure. When erecting a tarp tent, only very few basic materials are needed. Complicated materials do not come in handy here. This is what makes the erecting process quite easy for anyone to undertake. A single piece of rope is the most sufficient material needed for this process. Erecting a tarp tent involves a few basic steps. Are of different types.

Lean to tents

As is with erecting the other tents, this is even much more fun. It is erected by tying the two corners of the tarp to a tree or a rock. The grommets are then pounded by stakes to hold them to the ground and an angle is created by adjustment of the rope to your fit design while maintaining the desired shape. This tent can also be erected alternatively by using tree branches and a rope the tree branches creating a frame. It is very essential in shedding against wind and water. Its simplicity makes it possible for minor adjustments to be done for more comfort. You can add some extra natural material for insulation to shade against cold.

The A- frame

It is the most effective against wind. A few basic materials are necessary: a rope, branch or a ridge for the centre and some extra vertical supports. All these materials are used together in combination with each being supported by the other. The rope is basically the main material used for tying parts together. The ridge offers good centre support. After availing these few materials you can now start erecting your frame starting with tying the rope between two trees. After tying, the tarp is draped over the rope and stakes are firmly hit to the ground on the ground through the grommets so as to hold the tarp firmly to the ground. A little more weight can be added on the lower part to earn extra support for more stability.




The tepee needs only few materials for its completion, a rope and a few stout poles. Erecting it is very easy starting with tying a rope at the centre of the tarp. After making sure that the rope is firmly tied, throw it around a tree’s branch and pull it. The pulling raises the tepee. On the grommets pound stakes that will finalize the process. Other than this method there are other methods that can be used like the traditional one that involve the use of a number of poles that are erected at the centre. The tarp is then tied around this erected poles and a rope connects the grommets. A tepee is very good against wind and snow.
Erecting a tent is fun whether you are using tarp or tarpaulins. They are great for a wide range of uses. They come in handy when camping and also for survival situations.

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