The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

A vehicle tracking system uses purpose built computer software combined with the installation of electronic devices installed in vehicles in order to track the vehicle’s location in real time.  This enables fleet operators to manage the fleet for purposes of routing, dispatching, security and on-board information.  This tracking technology is used by commercial fleet operators and urban public transport providers in order to manage their assets more effectively.

Asset tracking (especially with valuable stock, materials, machinery, etc)  allows business to plot real time asset location on a map in order to monitor operating status and movement.  Vehicle tracking offers companies the following benefits:

  • Mobile sales professionals are able to access real time locations (especially in unfamiliar areas) so that they can locate themselves and customers if order to provide a fast and efficient service.
  • Trailer tracking – many logistics or haulage companies operate lorries that have detachable trailers.  Vehicle tracking allows managers to track both the cab and the load, if necessary.
  • Fleet managers use this type of technology to improve customer service – whether with deliveries or service and repair – drivers only need a mobile phone with internet connection to be tracked in a cost effective manner.
  • Field service management – companies with a workforce that spends most of its time on the road are better able to plan field workers’ time and schedule subsequent customer visits.  In an emergency, a field engineer can be instantly contacted and rerouted for a fast and efficient response.
  • Fuel monitoring and distance calculation – this cuts costs and increases efficiency.

Although this real time vehicle tracking software from AiDC Solutions may seem a bit ‘Big Brother’ – it’s just a benign method of real time monitoring of vehicles, staff and equipment that leads to reduced operating costs and improved customer service.  We’ve probably all tracked a parcel delivery online via one of the most popular delivery apps – it reduces stress and allows you to find out exactly where you delivery is.  This means that you can react quickly in the event that something goes wrong with your delivery in order to address the situation and get the delivery back on track.  Vehicle tracking technology is pretty much the same sort of thing but on a much larger scale.

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