The Advantages of Using Promotional Lanyards

Brand exposure is even more important than ever for businesses in today’s economy. Competition is fiercer than ever before and so marketing needs to be approached with an open mind. There is plenty of talk and energy focused on online marketing today, but it’s important for businesses to remember the necessity of a marketing mix. Approaching traditional marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complex and an effective way of maximising your brand exposure through traditional marketing is through promotional lanyards. Lanyards are used in many different places from schools to airports and everyday offices.
Advantages of lanyards for traditional marketing

1: Lanyards are popular and regularly used to hold ID cards, keys, membership cards, flash drives, and have various other uses. They are practical and functional for everyday people and as a result are an effective marketing tool. Businesses today utilise promotional lanyards and give them out to customers, clients, at trade shows, conferences, and other business events. Everyone likes to get something for free every now and again and as lanyards are practical too, they are more likely to use them; every time they do your brand is advertised.

2: Utilising promotional lanyards is the ultimate way to maximise brand exposure and gain interest from others whether at a business event or in public. They are completely customisable giving you the opportunity to market your businesses brand in full. You can print full colour images in brand colours and your businesses logo bringing attention to your brand as a whole.
3: Using promotional lanyards as a traditional marketing method is much more affordable for all businesses. They are reasonably priced and can provide great return on investment when used for marketing purposes. Finding a reputable provider is simple online, so you can order your customised lanyards without hassle or expense and get marketing. The options are extensive and can prove to be highly beneficial with minimal expense whilst giving your brand maximum exposure.
4: Customised lanyards enhance brand recognition. If you give them out to clients or customers, they will remember your business and your brand in future. If these customers or clients are looking for your products or services, they will easily be reminded that your business can help; they will remember that they have your lanyard and direct details to your business. Lanyards enable you to enhance brand recognition on a wide scale.
5: The ultimate advantage of using promotional lanyards for your business is the potential for increased revenue. You are reaching a wider audience simply by incorporating the traditional marketing method and just by handing the lanyards out, you are increasing your sales potential.

Promotional lanyards can be used to your advantages in many ways. As many businesses are focusing on online marketing right now, you can get ahead by making sure you cover your traditional marketing needs as well. Get ahead of the competition and enhance recognition of your brand before the competition catch on. You can take advantage of the inexpensive and practical option for traditional marketing and hand out promotional lanyards to gain maximum bran exposure to your target audience.
Author Bio
Idania is a business development blogger from North Wales, UK. Idania has utilised promotional lanyards in her own team, at events, and has even utilised those given to her by other companies for the purpose they were intended.

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