The 6 Industries With The Best Outlook In The Future

It’s estimated that for every job opening in the United States, there are six or more applicants, and unemployment in the U.S. has remained over seven percent for many years. Despite this, there are several industries that have either maintained strong hiring or have recently begun to recover. Look here for the six industries that have a great outlook in the future.


As the housing market recovers, new construction will take place, spurring hiring by construction companies. Heavy construction will also benefit from infrastructure spending on roads, bridges and tunnels that need repair. The U.S. Department of Labor pegs the median annual salary of construction workers at about $30,000 per year.

Food Service

Fast food and restaurant servers are on the rise. While these are not high-paying jobs, the reason for steady growth in hiring is based on the same drivers as construction and healthcare. People need to eat, often in a hurry and they often don’t want to cook at home! Pursuing a career path in the cuisine arts will provide stable growth and give you opportunities to travel far and wide for the job you want.


Goods must be moved from place to place. As the population grows, so does the quantity of goods to be moved. Trains, ships, trucks and air freight will all see growth in the years to come. A range of positions are available, from warehouse workers to airplane pilots. The infrastructure of ports, rail yards and airports will also need more employees.

Health Care

This industry has been on the rise and will continue in the next decade. As the population ages, that need increases. Doctor, nurse, nurse assistant, ultrasound technician and home health aide positions abound. As the Affordable Care Act takes effect, millions more people will have access to care, screenings and tests. Demand will outstrip supply when it comes to qualified job applicants.

Clean Energy

Amid growing climate concerns, the solar, wind and hydroelectric energy industries will see tremendous growth in the coming decades. Though relatively small now, increased production will require more people to design, assemble and install wind turbines, solar panels and more. As the existing power grid ages, more employees will be needed to repair and replace aging technology while adding power from new sources. Within this industry comes a vast array of careers that will let you be on the forefront of innovation.

Petrochemical Industry

Though some say “peak oil” has been reached, carbon intensive energy will be in high demand for some time to come. Engineers and laborers are still needed to reach and extract oil from more difficult-to-reach sources.

While employment levels have suffered for the past several years, indications are growing that the economy will continue its slow march to recovery. These industries are leading the way to increased employment. There are several jobs within these industries that will provide a stable career and exciting opportunities. If you are starting out in your career make sure you do the research necessary and start doing what it takes to get where you want to go.

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