The 5 Essential Print Finish Supply a Business Needs

So your wide format media project is winding down. Whatever your project may have been, a banner, a wrap, a sign, or any of those things, you need to know what to do with it next. There are five main ways to finish your print, but, depending on the nature of your business or any one particular project, there are many different ways to finish it up. Regardless of how you go about it, though, each of these five methods is essential to any business, and the supplies for each should always be kept in stock.

Print Finishing

You have your banner or sign printed, but you aren’t sure what to do with it. Obviously, you need to hang it somewhere, but how are you going to do that? Whether you want to use rings, clips, screws, string, or wobblers, it’s important to have them in good supply. When you hang your print, you need to think about where it’s going to be hung. The type of surface that you intend to hang your piece from will affect the method. You need to decide between an adhesive or a drill and screw. Both work, but each method is better for different surfaces.

Binding & Stapling

Maybe your project is on a bit of a smaller scale than a banner or a sign. There are numerous times when a business needs to produce a bound work. Having your various graphics and documents bound together just keep it neat and far more presentable. Small flourishes like the right binding can really make or break a project, so it’s essential to keep them around.

Laminating & ID

No matter what kind of project you’re working on, it’s essential that it remain crisp and clean. There’s nothing worse than having your sign or banner hanging outside wrinkled or crumpled up. After all, it’s out there representing your business, and if people can’t read it properly, what’s the point? Having your print laminated will ensure that it a cost-effective way of guaranteeing a high quality effect. It’s also handy to have around the office for security ID badges.

Tapes, Adhesives, and Pockets

The amount of print finishing tapes, pockets, and gums that a business goes through is usually pretty high. These items may seem rather insignificant, but glue, sticky-based tapes, and other adhesives are considered by many to be the backbone of an office’s supply closet. Because of this, an office needs a ready supply of any and all of these products to ensure that projects run smoothly.

Packaging and Materials Handling

Many businesses that use wide format printers have to send the finished products to their final destinations where they’ll be displayed for everyone to see. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that a business use packing materials that will protect the product while it’s in transit. Imagine finishing a project and having it arrive at its destination damaged. What a nightmare! That’s why high quality packaging is incredibly important.

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