The 3 Real Estate Apps that Make Selling a Home Easy

Selling a home was once time consuming, expensive, and often confusing in a realtor based and dominated real estate market. However, with advances in technology, and the world around us swiftly becoming a more tech savvy place to live, work, and sell, this is no longer the case. With a device as simple as a smartphone, the world of real estate is placed right at our fingertips. Here are three real estate apps that will make selling a home easy.


If a homeowner or real estate entrepreneur has an apple iPhone with the latest operating system they can download the top rated app, Upside created by Xogen Inc. Developed for real estate professionals, it makes selling a property both easy and simple. With this app, a homeowner can easily calculate their property’s financial viability, acquisition costs, and walk-away profit. This is an essential app for the tech savvy homeowner trying to sell or the real estate entrepreneur trying to break into the market.

Real Estate Pro

If a homeowner prefers the Android operating system that is standard on many smartphones not released by Apple, they should not be discouraged. Android has an app named Real Estate Pro, which can be downloaded to your smartphone for a nominal fee and makes the selling of your home less stressful. With this app the property owner can calculate the value of their real estate, it allows the homeowner to compare their property to other real estate for sale in their area, and estimate their walk-away profit. This app makes the nail biting experience of selling a home a little more bearable and breaks the world of real estate into terms and calculators that are easy to understand.

Century 21 App

Even with all the technology available in our daily lives, some still think that a real estate agent is the way to go to make selling a home quick, simple and less stressful. If you are one of these homeowners there is an app for you too. Century 21 offers a comprehensive app for homeowners wanting to sell. With this app the property owner can find a reliable, local agent and contact them through email or via telephone, Skype or Facetime. The seller can also view other homes for sale in their area so they have a local comparison for their home’s value. Century 21 offers international online listings so prospective buyers all over the world can see the real estate. This app allows the homeowner to search for their new property from the comfort of their own home. Many would say that this is still the best, fastest, most efficient, and simplest way to sell a home.

As any technologically advanced teenager could tell the homeowner with the notion of selling their home, the world is at our fingertips. What once was a homeowner’s worst nightmare has been made simple and stress free by the world of technology and science. While there are many ways to sell real estate, these are the three best apps to aid homeowners and real estate entrepreneurs on their paths to successfully selling a home. Whether the perspective seller wants to go the avenue of: For Sale by Owner or they decide to list their home with a professional realtor, their computer or smartphone can be one of their greatest allies. With these three real estate apps that make selling a home easy, no homeowner should ever again see selling their home as an obstacle but rather a simple joy on the way to bigger better things.

Author Bio: Alex Wright is a blogger who produces articles in relation to Real Estate. This article was written to explain the new technologies associated with this field and to promote further study in this area with a Real Estate Degree Online.

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