Technical Tips For Photographers – Lighting Kits – Why important are they

Sometimes, getting your hands on a high-end Nikon or Canon SLR camera might not help you realize decent results how much ever you try. Poor lighting could be one of the strong deterrents in making quality photographs. Lighting kits comes handy during these situations for professional photographers.
The virtue of having a good lighting kit is that you can have a control over the environment and work on perfecting other aspects of your photography.
Let’s start by knowing something about different studio light techniques. There are four main styles of studio lighting techniques based on the positioning of light rays falling over the subject. The first is Broad lighting, Short lighting, Butterfly lighting and Rembrandt lighting.

Broad lighting is done by lighting up a side of a face that faces the camera. This set up is recommended if you look to de-emphasize facial features. So, make sure you don’t employ this style if your subject has a wider, plump face.

Short Lighting works best if you look to highlight the contours of your subject. Short lighting uses a weaker fill light and lends a narrowing effect with the manipulation of light.

If you wish to add drama and expression to your portrait subject, look for Butterfly Lighting style. This lighting set up is a favorite for fashion photographers.
The fourth one is known as Rembrandt Lighting. Rembrandt lighting is a cross between short lighting and butterfly lighting. Light is manipulated in such a way that it falls on one half of the face, and a part of light (in triangular form) falls on the shadowed side of the face.

Now that you have a fair idea on different types of lighting set up, it is necessary to know the benefits of having a lighting kit in your studio or garage or wherever your photography office resides. Lighting kits help you achieve good pictures of the subject.

If you wish to click photographs that look professional, lighting must come from at least a 3 sources. If you are a budding photographer, start experimenting with some simpler and small lighting kits. The basic lighting set up include video lighting and umbrella photography kits, halogen focus light device, soft box lighting and strobe photography lighting kit.

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