Superphone: Apollo Version of Windows Phone

The hot news in the world of technology is that Microsoft is striving to come up with an innovative product called “superphone”, and this product could be a deadly rival for “to-be released” iPhone5. There are chances that Microsoft would take over the position of Apple, if they can bake this cake.

Leaked Windows Phone roadmap will have the users to have a clear glance into the future of platforms provided by Windows phone. Leaked Windows Phone roadmap laid the foundation with the replenishment of Windows 7 as a high-end product. With the release of Tango, it will apparently enable the low end handsets to utilize mobile O.S. The next is going to be Apollo, a crucial upgraded platform version of Microsoft. Hardware of superphones is likely to be based on Apollo.

Albeit there is no concrete description proclaimed by Microsoft about superphones, they are expected to have high definition screens, more powerful processors which would be based on ARM’s A15 architecture incorporated into it. The current version of Windows phone, Mango, had received fair reviews when released in October, 2011. The decision of moving forward with the Windows Phone was taken when Mango was pretty much done, the elements were taken from it and the real fruit could be seen when Microsoft comes up with Apollo version of Windows phone as told by Niklas Savander , Spokesperson of Microsoft.

Microsoft also reveals that with the proclamation of Apollo, it will increase the volume of Windows phone handsets so as to hit and increase its market share. Superphone is supposed to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2012. If there is any hope of Microsoft to reconcile in the game then it is now, provided Apollo version of Windows phone can draw the attention of the consumers and make them to care for Windows again. It may happen or may not, however to make it happen the company has to release a gateway device that bewilder the world and release a product which no one would have ever visualized.

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