SugarSync: Online Backup Services

Are you running out of disk space on your computer, or are simply concerned about the possibly of data loss through system failure/damage or theft? Well there is a solution to that called online backup services. An online backup service is a method used to store data, on a third party computer, through the internet. It is a highly effective and accessible method employed by people in need of external storage services. SugarSync is one such company that offers online backup services, which are very comprehensive and yet reasonably priced.
SugarSync is not just an online backup a service, but also a file sharing and file syncing service, making it an all in one, file backup solution. They have gone to great lengths to provide the best services possible, for those in need of data storage. One of the key features that make SugarSync the best method to store data is their scheduler system. This system allows you to configure when to back up files, which files to back up, and how many copies of the stored document you want. This will save you a great deal of effort and time, on how to store your data.

With SugarSync, you also get remote access to your file, which means you can access your account from any computer as long as it has an internet access. This feature is mostly ideal for individuals who travel a lot, and still need access to stored data. SugarSync is compatible with mobile computing devices, such as smart phones, iPad, etc. You can upload any files you have on your mobile devices directly to your account. As far as data storage is concerned, SugarSync offers many options, such as archiving capabilities, which allows you to store multiple versions of a similar document, should you choose to work on a particular source document in the future. You can also backup more than one computer, using a single account. This is an ideal solution for a business or homestead with more than one computer.

When it comes to file sharing, through SugarSync different individuals can work on a single document and still have it fully backed up. A common factor that most individuals are concerned with is the security of their data stored through SugarSync. To provide maximum security for files, SugarSync employs a 128 bit AES encryption system, which is rather impressive. They also have redundant storage facilities, which is a secondary back up facility for storage, from the primary one used by account holders.

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