Storage Solutions: VMware Capacity Planning and Other Products

Advances in communications technology have resulted in a deluge of information during the modern age. Even for a single business or corporation, storage of all the information that it produces and receives requires considerable resources and powerful software. It is not sufficient to store the data. It must be stored in a way that makes it easy to access and turn into reports. VMware capacity planning is an example of the features that are needed in storage management software.

What Does a Storage Manager Do?

The primary purpose of a storage manager is to provide capacity for the data storage of a large IT infrastructure. However, this is little more than the digital version of the paper archives of the past. Software for this purpose also provides many other capabilities. It can monitor performance and plan capacity management. One of the interesting new developments in this technology is the ability to map virtual machines to physical locations for storage.

The goal of these storage managers is to automate the whole process of storage flawlessly. This means that it should be just as easy to retrieve data, as it is to store it. However, when users retrieve data, they usually do not want it in a raw state. They need it tailored to fit into reports. They also want to be able to view this data remotely no matter where it is stored. Heterogeneous storage managers allow users to view selected data from a single console, regardless of where the data is located.

VMware capacity planning is one attempt to answer these needs in a single software product. There are numerous producers of such software on the market. Many of them offer free trials with fully functional products so that buyers can be certain of their choice before committing to a storage manager.

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