Stock Printed Tape, An Alternative To Custom Printed

Custom printed tape is a great product for companies looking to stand out from competition. Having your logo on the tape will make your brand more visible to customers and anyone else coming in contact with your package.

But not all companies have the budget to get custom printed tape with their logo or even find a value in it for their line of work. The biggest advantage of custom printed packaging tape is the fact that the tape being used to seal packages is not readily available to the public. When a regular one is used, it is easier to reseal without it looking too obvious to the receiver. A great alternative to use if you don’t want to purchase Custom printed tape is to go with stock printed tape. It will not have your company’s logo on it nor have any kind of customization. What it will have are important shipping and handling instructions to get your package safely to its destination. In addition, since it has some kind of visuals on it, it is easy to tell if someone had previously broken the seal.

Due to the high quality print and the high-grade tape, the text and graphics are clear, vibrant and highly visible. Therefore, the messages you want to show during shipment will come across to the handler.

There are two different types of tape that are available in stock print. These are either polypro or PVC. The advantages of polypro are the fact that it is more economical and can get most packages sealed without a hitch. Note that the more a box is recycled, the harder time polypro will have to stick to it. But normally, since polypro is made of a hot melt adhesive, it binds very well on surfaces. Stock printed polypro tape comes in 30 micrometres thickness. This means the actual thickness of the tape is of that measurement. The thicker the tape, the more resistant and expensive it is going to be.

PVC on the other hand is known as the Cadillac of tape. This means that it is of superior quality and sticks in tougher environments as compared to polypro. It comes in 35 micrometres in thickness if ordered only as a stock printed tape. Because PVC is made of a natural rubber adhesive and a polyvinyl chloride, these materials make the product more expensive. When you use PVC, you should be able to immediately tell the difference. Even when a roll is being pulled to package, PVC is fairly quiet as compared to other kinds of tape.

Some of the types of messages you can have on stock printed tape includes warnings such as “glass handle with care”, “keep intact” and “fragile this side up”. Others are warnings for the receiver of the package such as “if this tape is broken”, “warning if this seal is broken”.

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