Stick to Success with Custom Stickers

If your small business has been hesitant to spend advertising dollars in recent years with the economy fluttering, it is safe to stay you have not always stuck to a successful game plan.

When it comes to using custom stickers to advertise your business, this is a great means to get your message out there at an affordable price. So, are you ready to stick to success and let consumers know who you are and what you have to offer them?

If you are a relatively new business owner or one that has had little success using custom stickers in the past, they can and do work. Remember, there are myriad of custom sticker options out there for businesses of all sizes. At the end of the day, custom sticker printing proves to be one of the better affordable forms of advertising in today’s competitive marketplace for consumer attention.

Custom stickers are also a great means by which customers will say yes to taking your freebies that you are giving away.

How many times have you been at an event where the local radio station is giving out free bumper stickers or decals or the local business person is doing likewise? Once the consumer takes the custom sticker and displays it on a car or elsewhere, you are getting free advertising that is worth more than anything you would have paid for.

Game Plan It When Using Custom Stickers

In order to get connected with custom stickers for your business, take these steps to get the ball rolling:

* Determine your message – You can have the coolest looking custom sticker around, but what message do you want it to say? Make sure you either use your experience in advertising or work with an in-house marketing professional or outside source to determine the message before going to a printing source. The message should be short and sweet, delivering as much information as possible at an affordable price;

* Drive for success – While there are different outlets you can go with your customer stickers, it never hurts to go with the old standby, bumper stickers. Stop and think for a moment about all the potential eyes that will see your company name and even message on a simple custom bumper sticker. Since most bumper stickers have limited space when it comes to the message, be creative when working with a designer. Having a short, catchy phrase to go with your pertinent company information is a perfect way to deliver your message;

* Set yourself apart from the competition – There is little doubt that one of the reasons you are opting for custom stickers is to distance yourself from the competition. Look to see what they do, then make yours’ different and distinct. In the event you and several competitors all have similar designs on your custom stickers, what will make consumers notice your brand over the others? Whether it is coloring, size of the print or the message itself, you need to stand out and convince consumers to give you a try;

* Stay up to speed with technology – Back in the “old days” if you will, stickers essentially just needed a company name and phone number to do the trick. With the Internet and the majority of small businesses having Web sites, it is imperative that your custom stickers have important information like your Web site address and even some social media connections on them. Think about how a lot of your customers access you before you design your next custom sticker. If you get a fair amount of traffic through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, include such addresses on the sticker;

* Shop around wisely
– There are many different custom sticker businesses out there, so do your research before choosing one. Get examples of what each one has done for businesses similar in size and needs to you. Ask around for referrals and don’t automatically settle for the best price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so get something that will stick and make your brand stand out.

The ultimate goal is to create a buzz about your business, quite simply something that will stick with consumers.

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