Sony Xperia Z3: Overview and Working

It’s always great while working and exploring the new pieces of technology or devices and similar today we have the flagship the Xperia Z3.

The new phone is not only new from the outside but also from the inside and the software point of the view. Sony cared to touch every small thing and covers the small features. For example, when you are connecting a headset with noise reduction is activated and the appropriate settings. Audio playback by connecting a separate amplifier turns off all sound effects for authentic sound quality. Another new and useful feature of Xperia Z3 was the ability to customize the sensitivity of the microphones. You can select automatic mode, and you can set the sensitivity manually. To record a quiet sound (lectures, meetings) should be chosen high, for normal situations you can leave the average, and for high-profile concerts and interviews is better to use low.

In the new Sony Xperia Z3, in the setting of display has the enhancement modes, divided into the familiar X-Reality for mobile and the new regime limiting brightness. The latter has the sense to use in bright light, otherwise benefit from it a bit, and low battery tangible. Operation with gloves, white balance adjustment and the awakening of the screen from standby mode by double tapping on the spot are other features.

In addition to the power supply of new modes and settings for energy-saving functions STAMINA, there was a section “Power Consumption”, showing the unused applications, battery consumption, as well as just too hungry programs. They can be removed from the list, delete all or apply to them STAMINA. In the settings themselves STAMINA now you can activate the so-called “extended use” limit the power of the processor (but in this mode, undesirable brakes and lags), as well as the “Watch STAMINA”, the charge-saving smartphone with frequent testing time using the screen on the phone (the phone defines short moments turn on the screen and does not consume the charge here, if you do not touch the display). Ultra STAMINA mode acts as a response to similar saving chips competitors and allows you to use your smartphone for about 14 days, but without the functions themselves as smartphone. You can access only the most essential phone and call features, plus a gallery and a camera, which can be very important when traveling to distant lands without the possibility of a daily charge, as well as for people who do not need too much in a hundred different modern features.

Other settings are unchanged. There were in the Xperia Z3 without proprietary software updated, and a new party. Typical applications like Walkman (advanced player) Albums (gallery), Movies (video player), PlayStation (companion to the console), What’s New, Sony Select (compilation applications), Lifelog (counter activity for compatible accessories) and Socialife (news aggregator) already met earlier in the Sony devices. Now Sony has to bring some flagship for 2015 to overcome the competitor solutions like Samsung S7.

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