Software That Grows With Your Business

Growth is the paramount goal of every business manager. To this end, today’s organizations are driven by competitive market forces to seek out the most effective technology solutions to help them achieve their most optimistic growth projections. Below are a few concepts worth pursuing for the reader who is interested in managing a growing private enterprise.

QuickBooks Enables Fact-Based Decision Making

Real time access to information about an organization’s financial condition makes life a whole lot easier for business operators in connection with drawing clearer lines between cause, effect, potential and reality. Understanding the true impact of a change in the financial status of a business as it happens in real time makes the next major decision all that much easier to make. For these reasons, growing firms are choosing to use a subscription-based hosted accounting software solution such as QuickBooks Online (QBO) that can gather data from various departments within an organization and pull it all together in real time, enabling managers to analyze operating results at once without delay.

Intuitive Customer Relations Management

The retention of valued customers in our present-day economic environment can be a challenge. This is so because modern customers know when they are being served and they know when they are being “harvested.” The ability of marketing and customer service professionals to get ahead of the issues that stand between them and their next large order can often be boiled down to anticipating what the customer or prospect will ask or ask for next. Having the correct response means tapping into and making use of the data resources the firm has gathered across time using advanced “CRM”, Customer Relations Management software. The best known product in this category is Salesforce Cloud from, a sophisticated on-demand customer relationship management tool.

Compliance and Policy Management Software

A reputation and a brand taking 100 years to build can be brought down and destroyed in a single day by not responding properly to a catastrophic event, or if an organization has been exposed as a less than perfect corporate citizen through misconduct. Having up-to-date rules and management systems in place such as Compliancetrack provides an organization with the ways and means of tracking and auditing an organization’s adoption and enforcement of policies and procedures that defend organizations from the risks of substantial brand erosion brought about through non-compliance of law and company policy.

Big Data Depends On OpenStorage

A burgeoning trend embracing the practice of connecting remotely to secure enterprise networks with personal mobile devices has ignited an explosion in the realm of big data with respect to instant access to enterprise resources. For this reason, clients are demanding flexible software defined storage solutions and Open Source systems and solutions such as NexentaStor’s OpenStorage. OpenStorage is an enterprise-grade certified SAN/NAS defined storage package that is cloud-ready, scalable and protocol agnostic. It delivers centralized storage management capabilities at a cost commensurate with current legacy systems.

Today, firms are finding out that enhancing operational efficiency, transparency and flexibility using software solutions that grow along with the organization will help them simplify the management of both time and data assets. The freeing up of those assets and resources permits them to be brought to bear to further enhance organizational growth.

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