Small Businesses, Big Celebrations: Tips For Planning A Great Office Party

It’s back to the daily grind. It’s Monday morning. As you sit at your desk, reflecting over your relaxing day trip over the weekend, you muster up the discipline to get started on a new week of work.

But you know that the big company party is coming up in a few weeks, and you’re a member of the party planning committee. Though your business is small and local, it’s known to have hosted outstanding get-togethers for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions—that is, before you joined the planning committee.

How will you live up to all the hype and expectations? You want to pull together a memorable event, but you need some extra pointers. Read on to learn some tips on planning an office party that will leave everyone in great spirits.

1. Exchange Ideas

The first place to start is in the boardroom or around the white board. You and your committee need to establish the theme and logistics of your company party. Thinking of a Hawaiian luau? How about a talent show and dinner extravaganza? Pool your thoughts together and get excited—you want your coworkers to appreciate the efforts made to put it all together.

2. Decide on a Budget

Every good party needs a well-developed budget. Think about where your party will take place. Consider how many people will attend, how much food or beverages to order or prepare, and how many events or activities will occur. You don’t want half of those in attendance to miss out on catered Mexican food. And remember, the more you put in to your budget, the more you show your gratitude for your fellow employees.

3. Establish Safety Precautions

You might wonder why to plan for the safety of each member in attendance, but remember that for your party to succeed, everyone will need to feel comfortable and happy. Determine the venue’s maximum occupancy to avoid potential fire hazards. If alcoholic beverages are served, see that there will be a means of safe transportation for those who’ve had a little too much to drink. Be sure those in attendance have been educated on the potential consequences of drunk driving. Those caught driving under the influence typically face severe penalties which can affect their lives for several years (learn more at To keep your holiday party (and your employees) safe, encourage everyone to drink responsibly at your celebration.

4. Get Prizes and Awards for Attendees

Besides free food, prizes give coworkers and their families an incentive to come and enjoy the work party. Use money from your budget to purchase trinkets like key chains, stickers, or t-shirts. If your budget is generous, obtain movie tickets or gift cards. Then plan a raffle or game in which contestants can win these prizes.

5. Be the First Ones at the Party

You and your committee ought to show the most enthusiasm for the big company event. One way to express that enthusiasm is to show up early to the party. Doing so will give you time to finish last decorations and prepare a buzzing atmosphere. While you’re there, and when people start to arrive, greet them and share your excitement. Let them know how glad you are that they came.

You don’t need to stress over that looming company-wide party on your calendar. When you remember these tips, you and your committee can create an unforgettable day or night that will bring employees and managers together and unify your company.

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