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Backups are vital and it should be a priority in the list of maintaining your work. The reason behind this maintenance requirement is very simple. Ultimately, it is your venture, time and effort that are invested in filling all those ideas stuffed in the site. Hence, it vests neither web hosting company nor any other source can have the seriousness as you do in preserving the hard work. It should be your sole responsibility in scheduling a backup system and restoration of your Knowledge base in the WordPress site.

There are several software that can back up your web files and restore whenever required. This can ensure your data are safe, reliable and it doesn’t risk being shared or hacked by a third party. When you are able to maintain your site’s backup, it makes quick and easier migrating your website to another host. This can also be useful if you want to migrate it to another server either for development or testing purpose.

Let us see below how do various Plug-ins offer to back up your WordPress Blog, highlighting with the backup procedure of the most popular website BackUpBuddy and similar other sites.


A reliable and secure plug-in that fixes all your problems in site backup and restoration is BackupBuddy. This is the most cost-effective paid Plug-in available today for WordPress online. BackupBuddy is an effective to backup and restore all your files, folders and databases either on its secure server or an offsite storage site where you have an account.

You have to download BackupBuddy Plug-in and install just as any other WordPress Plug-in. Ensure that you registered an account with this site or else it takes a few seconds to register your account. Configure your BackupBuddy with creating a password for ImportBuddy that protects your files to backup. You also need to provide with an email address so that error notifications can be send.

You have to send the copy of the files you need to back up to an offsite storage site. BackupBuddy has its own offsite storage space called BackupBuddy Stack. There are other common sites like DropBox, Amazon S3 to store your backup file.

Once you have determined your remote destination, you need to complete the Backup and the data will be kept safe on the server or will be saved to the specified destination.

The most important process is to schedule a regular and weekly backup of your website data. If you have drastic changes on a daily basis, it is always advisable in choosing daily database backup to ensure that all your works are preserved.

Restoration of Backup Data

Restoration process is simple. You need to upload the backup file to the remote server. In order to protect from the hackers, you need to give some of your details to authenticate the identity by which your data can be restored to the website.

Now let us see, some other website that offers such typical backup procedure.


This is a proprietary Plug-in that is offered by WordPress. Its backup solution helps those WP users who are much concerned in preserving their site. You need to sign up for an account and synchronize the data on a scheduled basis. Don’t forget to back up at least weekly.

Back Up Scheduler

Back Up Scheduler allows you to back up your complete database including the reviews and comments in website. Backups are created either on a local folder created by it or to a destination that you choose.  It has a step-wise instruction that helps a user to backup and restore data easily.

UpdraftPlus Backup

This helps to back up your WordPress files in any of the online storage servers like Dropbox or Google Drive. Notifications are sent to your email account on successful backup of the files and data on your webpage.


This is a remotely administered backup Plug-in for WordPress. It offers a data encryption which keeps your data safe and secures preventing from hacking. You need to sign up for an account to register into this site and use the backup service.

Online Backup for WordPress

This is a friendly and all-rounder Plug-in for WordPress. It comes with a free online space to store up to 100MB of data online. You can configure data encryption which is one of the key features for this tool for WordPress.

Complete Central Backup

It offers a fastest backup solution. You can get a downloadable backup file that can be stored on a server or at your defined server location. Once your data is backed up, you will be able to restore or download whenever required. It comes with weekly backup solution.

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