Simple Ways To Cope With Having Bad Credit

Is a bad credit score keeping you from moving up in the world? If so, don’t despair! Although it takes a little time, you can improve your credit score. In fact, Americans overall have been improving their credit scores since 2009, as the average credit score just hit 700 in April of 2017. So, what can you do to improve your credit? Here are a few methods that have helped others boost their credit.

Pay Bills and Loans On-Time

If you currently have any type of loan out in your name, paying it off on-time can boost your credit. Car loans from places like AutoStart are currently being taken out in massive amounts as more people are buying new cars. If you are considering taking out a loan to finance a new vehicle, make sure you have the finances to pay it off on-time in the foreseeable future. Any loan or bill that is in your name should be paid off in as timely a fashion as possible, and it will show that you are spending within your means.

Keep Your Credit Card Balances Low

Do you have multiple credit cards with balances on them? If so, focus on paying those balances down and keeping them low. Your target revolving credit percentage should be no higher than 30 percent. You might want to consider consolidating numerous balances through a personal loan to help you boost your score.

Don’t Expunge Good Old Debt

We tend to think of all debt as bad debt, but this is actually faulty thinking! While any signs of bad debt will take about seven years to vanish from your record, leaving debts you have paid off or resolved on your record shows that you have worked to improve your debt. Leaving those resolved accounts on your credit can actually help you with your score.

Avoid Showing Risk

Your credit card issuer doesn’t like seeing risks show up on your credit score. Any activity that hints at possible future money issues (such as paying for a divorce lawyer) shows risk and can potentially damage your credit. While some risks might be difficult to avoid, try to make as few of them as possible.

The most important way to cope with your bad credit is to not become too stressed out and obsessed with checking your score. Keep an eye on it every few months and stick to your repayment plans, but don’t let bad credit consume you. Keep making those good financial decisions, and you will start to see your score improve.

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