Should You Relocate Or Refurbish Your Office Space?

There will come a time in the life of every company when they may need to grow or downsize in order to meet business demands. When your workspace feels too tight or too empty, business owners or managers will naturally find themselves considering one of two options: to relocate to a new space or to refurbish their existing digs.

Both options require careful consideration, a lot of research and a ton of planning in order to make sure that the right decision is made for you, your staff and your customers or clients. We at Oktra have put together the information you need on both office refurbishments and relocations to help you make the best choice for your company.

Relocating To A New Office

This is the first thought that comes to the minds of business owners and managers who are finding that their current space is either too big or too small. Relocating to a new office space is more stressful initially than a refurbishment, but it can be the most cost-effective option in the long run. This largely depends on the predicted growth of a company and what future business needs will be.

Unless you own the property you are working from, another important consideration is the lease. In many cases, the current lease a business has is a better deal than those currently available on the market. A property consultant or agent will be able to give you a run down on what office spaces such as yours and in your preferred area are going for.

Finally, consider the costs you may have to cover when you vacate your current premises. If you do suspect that there will be damage or dilapidation costs, which will be due when you leave the property, be prepared to negotiate with the landlord to get an idea of what you will need to pay. With that information in hand, visit a commercial interior designer and see if they would be able to perform the repair work for less than the landlord is requesting.

Refurbishing Your Office Space

A lot of benefits come with staying right where you are while making some tweaks and adjustments to the space you and your staff currently occupy. Staying in the same location comes with the obvious benefit that customers and clients know where you find you. You will not need to send out notes or reminders for the next year that you have moved to a new location. You also know that the staff who work there likely enjoy coming to this location to work (otherwise they would have left the company long ago).

Refurbishing can also be the best financial choice for an organisation. Renovations of any kind will cost you money, but it can be considerably less than needing to pack, move, and unpack your items in a new office space. Relocating to a new office will also often require the same level of refurbishing as your existing space does.

Our best advice: Contact a professional commercial interior designer company and investigate your options. They will step into your space, address what it is that you need from that space, and make a knowledgeable recommendation as to whether or not your current space can be reconfigured to accommodate your business demands.

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