Ship Easy: How To Streamline Your Business Shipments

Shipping is one of the most challenging tasks facing businesses today. It is not easy to find the perfect shipping vendor when your shipping needs encompass the product you ship, its weight and size, international or domestic shipping and the customer’s needs. To begin, finding the right shipping vendor is key and many offer one-on-one service to help you understand and analyze the best rates and the logistics for your business.

Technology Matters

Shipping technology has been around for many years; from simple postage weighing machines to well-developed shipping software. Postage weighing machines print labels with exact postage and remove the guesswork. International shipping policies may require advanced shipping software. One such company, Endicia, offers software that will calculate shipping tariffs and print the necessary documents and shipping labels.

Shipping Safely

When shipping you need the right materials to move and protect your shipments. Setting up the right packaging vendor is essential to having the necessary boxes, packaging tape and filler on hand to get the product to the customer in one piece. One such vendor that offers these services is Boxes 4 U.

Pre-Pack Your Goods

Pre-packing your most popular items can save you time and money. Having pallets stocked with the most popular item you sell, packaged and ready to ship, will help to speed up the order processing time. Having all of the packages the same weight and dimensions helps ensure accuracy.

Handling Fees and Shipping Charges

These are the last charges a customer incurs on their purchase and it’s important you have a clear and concise policy in place. Consider offering a standard three-day shipping rate for free, but have the customer pay for over-night or two-day shipping. Handling charges are also necessary to cover the labor of packaging, but this is not the place to make a buck, so be realistic in these costs.

Best Practices

When it comes to shipping, there are several things you can do to streamline your business deliveries. Find and develop a good relationship with your shipping vendor. Use modern technologies to avoid costly mistakes and provide accuracy in your shipments. Get the right materials and pre-pack your most popular items to save time and protect goods from damages. Offer free shipping to hook your customer and keep handling fees low, these are not areas to make a profit. These best practice keep shipping costs accurate and customers’ experiences hassle-free.

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