Serious Security Infrastructure For Your Business

There are cases where general building accesses by the public is acceptable and even encouraged. This includes department stores, office buildings and museums among others. However, there are times when access has to be limited or restricted for security, safety and other reasons.

There are many companies that specialize in security issues. Building access, during operational hours and when closed, should be among the top priorities. However, it would be false security to think all matters could be resolved by locking the doors and windows.

Close Off Secure Areas

First, no one wants strangers walking around in unauthorized places. They could cause damage to your activities or get injured. For instance, fencing the building or complex through a company like City Fence is a first step. According to security expert Chris E. McGoey, the fence by itself is a good start, but there are other steps to take. He suggests that the area has adequate lighting to discourage intruders.

McGoey notes a guard or authorized employee should be able to identify someone at 100 feet. Furthermore, people who work late should park in a well-lighted area. McGoey has written numerous books regarding security issues and can be found on the Internet.

Consider Lock Changes

There are other possible security issues that should be closely watched. For example, there is the issue of the dismissed employee, who had complete access to the building. However, he was dismissed without notice. Using that situation as a model, the importance of planning building access becomes very apparent.

Certainly, you can ask for the person’s keys, but he may have copies. Depending on the reasons why the employee was dismissed and the effectiveness of any other safeguards in the building, it may be necessary to replace locks to exterior doors. If the budget allows it, a push button lock, where a separate code is assigned to each person, is useful. The individual code can be changed within minutes if there has been any kind of breach. A keyed lock can be used in conjunction with a pushbutton lock.

Protect Hardware

Finally, office computers should only be used for office work. If someone is reaching out to his checking account to pay a bill, it means that someone can reach in, despite the security software installed on each machine. Security software needs to be installed where the Internet comes in contact with your server. Depending on the business, there are many areas for security breaches.

Hire an expert who can develop a security plan right for your business.

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