Send The Ants Marching Out With These Top Pest Control Tips

Everyone loves summer, and the ants love it too. Homeowners don’t like to find their yards and plants invaded by ants and are constantly looking for ways to rid their property of these annoying pests. Concerns over chemicals have many people looking for natural ways to get rid of ants, and some are effective to a degree. Professional pest control companies are also able to get rid of ants without using chemicals that can harm people or pets.

Some Natural Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Solutions

It is believed that ants do not like the smell of peppermint. Many people plant peppermint, as a deterrent, all along the sides of their homes and in their gardens. They also spray peppermint oil on ant hills. Cinnamon is another natural deterrent to ants. According to Mother Nature Network, some people place ground cinnamon on ant hills and on any trails they find. Other people sprinkle cinnamon on their windowsills, in front of their exterior doors, and any place they believe ants might enter. Some people say ants will not cross a line of chalk, and they draw lines on their windowsills and on floors in front of exterior doors. An equal part mix of baking powder and confectioner’s sugar place in a container is another method some people use to discourage ants making inroads into their homes. All of these methods are somewhat effective as a deterrent, but they don’t work well if you have already have ants invading your yard and home. If your do-it-yourself effort is unsuccessful, contact a professional.

Getting Tough with Ants

If trying natural means for ant removal is something you don’t trust or have time for, there are pest control products that can be purchased at a variety of retail outlets. The problem with using commercial products for pest control is that dangers that are associated with chemical do-it-yourself products. If you don’t use these products properly you may experience life-long health issues, injuries, or even death. It’s much safer to call in a professional.

Professional Services

According to AARD Pest Control of Kirkland WA, there are different types of ants including carpenter, odorous house, and moisture. All of them can become a serious problem for the homeowner. Carpenter ants cause the most structural damage and are very good at hiding from sight while they cause destruction. A professional knows where to look for these pests and how to get rid of them with the least inconvenience to your family.

Get rid of pests quickly and effectively with the services of a trained professional. They will use products that won’t harm your family, pets, or property.

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