Secure Cash Transportation

When it comes to security, it’s always best to trust the services of trained professionals. That applies as much to the security of goods and objects as it does to the security of people and premises, which is why professional cash in transit services are so valuable to anyone who needs to discreetly move a large sum of cash. Although it might be tempting to move your cash in your own vehicle or a hired truck, you may as well paint a huge target on your back. You probably aren’t a trained security professional, and your personal car probably isn’t reinforced to prevent break-ins. The worst only has to happen once for your cash to be gone in a flash, leaving you kicking yourself and wishing you’d invested in professional cash in transit services.

Local Expertise

If you need cash in transit in Sydney, you’ll want to work with experienced locals. What many visitors to the city don’t realise is that, since Sydney’s streets were paved during the days of horses and carts, much of the area around the harbour is not designed to accommodate vehicles or heavy foot traffic. Navigating the winding, curving streets of The Rocks or Barangaroo can be a nightmare for those unfamiliar with them. That’s why CIT services in Sydney hire locals who know the ins and outs of Sydney’s archaic streets.

These locals should always be trained security professionals who are constantly monitored, re-trained and upgraded in terms of their qualifications. Security is a fast-moving business, and although the basics remain the same, the minutiae of the job can change in a heartbeat. When you hire a CIT company to move your cash, you want those protecting your packages to be at the peak of their powers. It’s nearly impossible for your average thief to overpower a team of qualified security professionals, so you should always work with CIT companies who emphasise the professionalism of their security staff.

Armoured Vehicles

You’ve probably seen the bulky armoured vehicles that traverse Sydney’s city streets. These vehicles might look ungainly, but a well-maintained armoured truck is virtually impregnable and surprisingly nimble when it comes to navigating the city centre, thanks in part to the quality of the vehicle’s driver. A fleet of armoured vehicles is the bread and butter of any CIT company, and it’s of vital importance that they be unmarked. An attention-grabbing logo doesn’t just attract potential customers. It invites the interest of potential thieves, so you should always hire CIT services that use unmarked vehicles. The trucks should be outfitted with a high-quality safe in which to store your cash, as well as CCTV on particular routes to keep a constant eye on the goings on of the truck’s cabin. As a last security measure, any cash you transport with your chosen CIT business should be insured under the company’s in-safe insurance policy. You can never be too careful with any security enterprise, and the business of transporting cash is no exception to that rule.

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