Sectors Which Industrial Lasers Specialise In

Nd:YAG and fiber lasers are types of industrial lasers which are widely used across a number of different sectors. They are favoured due to their ability to operate continuously for long periods of time and the high quality results they produce. Industrial lasers can help businesses stay on top of their production demands, whilst keeping their costs to a minimum. They are the best lasers to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. In this article we will share information about how various different industries use industrial lasers.


Manufacturing businesses in the automotive industry use industrial lasers for a variety of operations such as cutting and welding body and roof panels, welding fuel injectors and airbag initiators, welding vehicle seats and batteries and laser joining. They can also be used to improve vehicle performance through laser heat treatment and surface modification.

Industrial lasers are used by all of the big companies in the automotive industry including the likes of Chrysler, Toyota, GM, Daimler and Volkswagen. Laser cutting is the preferred method due to the fact it is fast, highly repeatable, easy to control and simple to automate. Almost any shape can be cut using an industrial laser and you can have the peace of mind that the cut will be one hundred per cent accurate.

Using industrial laser solutions, the automotive industry has been able to improve the quality of its vehicles and maximise production, allowing for greater profits to be made.


Like in the automotive industry, businesses in the aerospace sector use industrial lasers for a wide range of applications. One of the most significant applications is cladding repair. Industrial lasers can be used to repair expensive aerospace parts such as turbine engine components, returning them to their original state. Other applications include welding honeycomb fabricated from thin alloys like titanium and aluminium and welding turbine components.

Industrial lasers are perfect for welding aerospace products as they are fast, reliable and able to create strong joints. They can also be used for drilling, as they provide consistent and precise results. Aerospace manufacturing is incredibly expensive, but using industrial lasers can help to reduce costs.


In the electronics industry industrial lasers are commonly used for battery welding, marking components, cutting electronic stencils and welding telecoms devices. Industrial lasers are also the ideal piece of machinery to weld disk dive flexures. In fact, they provide the only feasible joining solution due to thee high levels of accuracy required. For sensitive devices like microwave packages, sensors and relays which require hermetic welds, lasers are the best option as they can produce both seam and spot welds.

Medical Devices

In this sector, all of the devices and tools which are manufactured must be marked so that they are easily identifiable in the case of a recall. Manufacturing companies in the medical device industry use industrial lasers to create these marks. Other uses for the lasers include welding medical tools and devices to create strong and clean hermetic welds and cutting stents, which otherwise would be an extremely demanding application!


Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers are used by semiconductor companies to create Nanotubes which require peak power and pulsed energy. Industrial lasers are a must-have for businesses operating in this sector as they provide benefits such as quick production times and the precision cutting, scribing and dicing of wafer materials which vary in thickness. These powerful and accurate lasers can also be used to separate zero-width glass, which is used in the process of manufacturing flat panel displays. The lasers do this by building up stress in the glass, which results in a clean break.


As you can see, industrial lasers are used for a wide range of applications including welding, cutting, drilling and marking, across a wide range of sectors from automotive to medical device manufacturing. Today the companies in these sectors simply could not operate without their industrial lasers, which provide a wide range of benefits including precision and speed. Using industrial lasers, businesses of all kinds can increase their production and efficiency levels, whilst producing high quality products at low costs.

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