Sci-Fi Bracelets Being Designed — or Already Worn — Today!

Whether they are worn as jewelry, or as “cool items”, bracelets are a mainstay of clothing culture. But what if bracelets were also functional? Highly functional? Science fiction story functional, or something out of a James Bond spy story? It wouldn’t get much more cool or futuristic than that.

But this science fiction stuff is reality today. Everywhere, sci-fi wristbands and bracelets are being designed or are already put on the market for people to buy and wear. Yes, the future is here and now. So before you contact Scottie and tell him to beam you up, as you are unable to find intelligent life down here, read on.

Brando, a dot-com company, already makes a USB drive bracelet. Now, if you get one of these and wear it, no casual observer is going to be the wiser about what you’ve really got on, as these Brando bracelets are sleek and stylish looking, and come encrusted with imitation gemstones. While Brando seems to have had the ladies in mind when designing these wristbands, there are some styles that look gender-neutral enough that the guys can wear them — but they should wear them with a nice button-down shirt and business or sport jacket.

It’s all too easy to forget your flash drive in today’s busy but tech-dependent world. But wearing your Brando jewelry bracelet makes that impossible. You can get one in storage sizes ranging from 2GB to 16GB. They are compatible with Windows XP/Vista, MAC OS, and Linux.

But if Brando isn’t wild or sci-fi enough for you, you can always check out The Nextep Computer Concept by Hiromi Kiriki, which is a computer touch-screen bracelet. Made from a flexible OLED touchscreen, the Nextep bracelet includes (get this!) a holographic projector, pull-out extra keyboard panels, and social networking compatibility. We think this is a much bigger deal than Sony’s next Playstation, or the Microsoft Xbox. And, your Nextep won’t all the NSA to spy on you!

For the parents and guardians of young children, Dcontinuum comes to their angelic aid with the Link Child Locator bracelet. This is actually a set of two bracelets: a smooth, cool-looking one to be worn by the child, and a second one that resembles a watch to be worn by the parent or guardian. The child’s bracelet is a radio signal transmitter, while the adult’s is a signal receiver and geo-locator. The child’s bracelet can transmit signals up to 100 feet omnidirectionally. For adults with children who are constantly having them run off and get lost in busy places, the Dcontinuum bracelet is a technological miracle.

So, you think that your cell phone is the smartest of them all? Think again. Jung Dae Hoon’s retro-phone inspired ‘The Dial’ mobile phone looks like a slick  metal bracelet which can be worn either by a guy a or gal. But, holy Bat Device! You can take it off, put it on a flat surface, and it’s a telephone. When it’s time to talk, just choose your desired number by touching the upper-dial sensor with your fingertips. There’s a built-in LCD screen display so that you stay on track. The numbers are projected onto the surface, and when you’re wearing your stylish metal bracelet you can see the time displayed on your skin, which is spooky-cool.

No, it isn’t a SmartPhone for your wrist, but what other telephone bracelet have you got, huh?

Well, many of us in our modern world have higher-than-average sensitivities to air pollutants or allergens. In urban areas this can be especially irritating — especially for asthmatics. The interiors of homes that have been closed up due to cold weather or to run the AC can also be problematic, particularly the interiors of homes wherein there are smokers or pets. But now, we can wear the Hand Tree, designed by Alexandr Kostin.

A decidedly futuristic-looking, attractive bracelet featuring minimalist digital readouts, the Hand Tree contains a portable filter within a laminated eco plastic shell, which creates a “protective air bubble” around the wearer.

And believe it or not, these particular sci-fi bracelets that we’ve written about here are just the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow is here, and you can wear it in style on your wrist today.

Sara Wells writes about tech and gadget news, and blogs on behalf of iPhone 5s insurance brand Protect Your Bubble

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