Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 – New Approach and New Design

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 release date rumours are taking fire now, and we could expect this gadget to appear in the market shortly, but the Galaxy Tab S2 launch is delaying the mid price segment tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. If you were searching for the upcoming samsung galaxy s7 check here: .

In the past few launches of the Samsung Tablet section, we can discover lots more that could be new for example, in the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 includes the Private Mode, which protects personal content and keeps it hidden in the device. This mode is available for applications Gallery, Video, Music and My Files. While in Private mode you can select which elements of these applications should be hidden, so that when we leave the Private mode are no longer visible. Another function that incorporates is the Kid Mode, which after downloading allows you to control, which applications can use, the little kids and the time in which they can make use of them. It is also possible to know statistics of phone use by children. So, no can lie for how much they used their device, you can control your children too. Appreciation for Samsung’s new innovation and it would be present in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 too.

Samsung customary to include in their devices a lot of own applications, although not all have the same interest. The Galaxy Tab 5 would be no exception, so then go over the most interesting. One of the applications we find is WatchON, showing the TV program schedule, provides recommendations on TV lets you watch movies and TV allows you to remotely manage thanks to the infrared emitter that incorporates. For the system to be effective it is necessary to initially respond to questions about the user’s location and preferences television and television set. Samsung would include again the S Voice, personal assistant type “Siri” that responds to voice commands like “call mobile Carlos”, “record voice”, “set the alarm at 5 in the morning”, “turn Wi- Fi ” or “navigate to Barcelona” Personally we find very useful to use voice assistant, whether it be S Voice, Siri, or otherwise. But people are not using in general day today, they are using it for just a experience, but next S Voice from the Samsung would go to the next level and who if Samsung would make it possible first in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

In, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 you would also discover other aps, as Samsung has not forgotten users who want to work with the tablet and included a set of commercial applications such as Cisco WebEx Meetings, Remote PC and Office. Cisco WebEx Meetings is a commercial tool that allows you to perform video conferencing and virtual meetings via the web. Remote PC allows access and control remote PC via the Internet using the tablet. The service is free for a PC, but additional PCs costing €21.90 a year.

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