Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2: Fully Filled Smartphone

The flagships Smartphone rain is going to be heavier soon as different manufactures are launching their 2015 android smartphones. And Samsung is going to play a big part in this rain of new devices, and at the top of the list could be the Samsung’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2.

In the recent Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the soul brother, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 few features were missed for example the toolbox, like other devices Samsung showed a semi-transparent floating circle that could easily customized so that when you click on it, it shows our favorite applications. Something interesting but was missing in the Note Edge, but these small features would be grouped in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 and Galaxy Note 5 this year.

As it happen with the large display smartphone, given the large screen Galaxy Note 4 Edge, it is difficult to handle with one hand. Luckily, Samsung has built in options to facilitate the operation with one hand. Similar was found in the iPhone 6 Plus, but it is not very convincing, Samsung needs work here and it would be done till the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2. And you would also able to access other specifications and features related to display for example, you could reduce the size of the screen to a window that appears stuck to one side to swipe your thumb quickly in and out of the screen from the side edge. You can also adjust the keyboard to not occupy the entire width of the screen but the keys appear glued to the side. Finally, we would also able to add a floating panel keys Home, Back and Recent Applications.

The Galaxy Note Edge keyboard was comfortable to use thanks to the large size of the screen. It incorporates predictive text functionality, which works quite well, and the ability to write dragging your finger over the keys. You can activate a floating keyboard, smaller, which is good for use with Multi. But Of course the keyboard allows you to enter text by voice and using the pointer S Pen, which works by typing the letters on the screen so the phone will recognize them. In practice, however, remains as fast using a conventional keyboard. So, there you can expect no changes in the Note Edge 2 as it works smooth and almost performance.

Samsung has included two different browsers on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, the Android browser own personalized by Samsung and Google Chrome browser. The browser Samsung has some features not found in the Chrome browser, such as the ability to magnify an area of ​​the screen if you hold down a text, allowing you to select and copy text easily and now with the new software system Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 would get amazing and animated features in its custom browser.

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