Salvaging Customer Perception During A Product Recall

Consumers always tend to buy those products that they trust and always think that those products are safe and dependable. But this is not always the case. Many times consumers are not satisfied by the product when it fails to perform as they expect it to.

A product recall is a system in which the maker is inclined to remove and bring back an entire batch of production from the market due to certain safety issues. Many recent product recalls have affected the repute of companies and have also weakened the confidence of the consumers who bought the products which were involved in that product recall. As soon as the details of the product recall reach to the consumers, the reputation and confidence pertaining to that company go down. So, during this low time for some companies, it is a better time for other companies to establish their businesses.

Despite the fact that the business owner has a strong commitment towards safe practices, product recalls can happen anytime and they do happen anytime. Considering how many people are involved in bringing the product to the market, there are many points where things go wrong. In fact, in US, hundreds of product recalls happen every day.

How to deal with product recall

1)      Plan ahead:

The best way to handle a product recall is plan for one before time. To start with, one should make sure that he knows the ins and outs of the regulatory and legal requirements in one’s industry for safety. Other than understanding the regulatory and legal standards that govern your product, you should prepare a detailed manual for your product which should be an easy guide for the product’s usage. And the manual should consist of:

  • A chain of commands dedicated to those recall situations. These commands should clearly define the responsibilities and tasks.
  • Contact information of every member of the task force should be given.
  • It should consist of processes and procedures that identify a safety issue. It should have a system for entertaining consumers’ complaints, product testing, warranty returns, etc.

2)      Investigate safety issues and report them:

Many a times it may happen that you may discover a potential and huge safety hazard in one of your own products.

What you just need to do is immediately start a thorough probation to find out what went wrong and where did it go wrong. You just need to find the root of the problem. Depending on your investigation, the revealed information should be immediately reported to the government agency that handles and regulates your industry. This will for sure help you to avoid a full fledged product recall.

If the product recall has already happened one can follow some more tactics like:

  • Stay open to criticisms.
  • Act on the feedbacks.
  • Try to apologize to the consumers.
  • Provide updates.
  • Try to connect to the consumers online.

It is very obvious that brand perception can be hampered during a product recall if you don’t try to directly involve yourself in the entire procedure. So you can use this unfortunate and inevitable event in a way to demonstrate and show to the consumers that how much you value and appreciate their feedback. So just do not miss it to reveal your thoughts and attitude towards your consumers.

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