Safe space: 4 ways to make your employees feel taken care of

There are many ways for a company to feel they are appreciated and an important part of your team, which can add to the success of your business. The general benefits your company provides for employees, such as workers compensation insurance are a good first step, but there are other options to take to improve the mood of your employees and make them feel valued.


Gamification of rewards


Business News Daily explains one of the latest ways to reward your employees is to create a gamification platform for rewards. Completing everyday actions required for a job or for excellent performance is the starting point for this way to reward individuals. Not only does this allow you to reward employees within a points system, but employees will also feel taken care of as you will be aiding their career development. Rewards can include access to further educational programs and added vacation days.


Challenging tasks can be a bonus


Almost every employee wants to feel they are trusted and playing their role in the everyday life of your company. Placing the more menial tasks in the hands of a single individual time after time will not make them feel they are a valued part of your corporation. Instead, it is important to make your employees feel valued and integral to future success by challenging them on occasion, according to The Muse. Presenting a challenging task on the desk of your employee should be done with an accompanying discussion of the faith you have in their ability to complete the task on time and efficiently.


Take a personal interest


There are a number of ways to show an interest in the personal lives of your employees without appearing to be butting into their personal time. If one of your employees has told you their child has been sick it takes just a little time to ask how the child is doing a few days later. You can also invite the significant partners of employees to any events to build a sense of community to the work you are completing each day. To go along with this, make sure you are sensitive toward your employees’ personal lives. If they need to take some personal days, be willing to accommodate them and seek to maintain a work/home balance.


Keep your expectations in check


The expectations you have as a business leader can often be too high for many of your employees meaning they do not feel comfortable in your presence. Instead, make sure your goals and expectations are held in check and obtainable by your team.


Taking care of your employees is about more than just providing the best possible benefits fitting in with your budget. Instead, taking a personal interest in the lives of your employees is the first step towards creating a close-knit business community. Taking care of your employees also means it is vital you show an interest in enhancing their career opportunities for the future.

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