Restaurant 101: How to Cut Overhead Expenses

Running a restaurant can be expensive, but one of the ways you can dial things down a notch is to cut overhead expenses. Depending on how long you’ve been in the business, you may think that you’ve cut overhead as much as possible, but there are some techniques you may not have considered. Not only can these methods cut overhead, but they may also increase profits.

Partner With a Food Delivery Service

People love the ability to order food from home or their place of business and have it delivered. This service can be very costly for the restaurant owner. You’ll need additional insurance and drivers. One way around this is to partner with a food delivery service, similar to Tasty Khana. In some cases, you will pay a flat fee for each order or you may pay a percentage of the sale. Regardless, this can boost business and lower the overhead of offering delivery.

Opt for Part-Time Employees

Chances are your business is busier during the weekend. Instead of hiring full-time employees that won’t be needed during the week, opt for part-time employees. This allows you to cover the busiest times of the week without having to pay benefits to a full-time employee.

Bundle Communication Services

Most restaurants need internet service and phone service. You may even need cell phone service. Instead of choosing a company for each service, find a company that can offer you all of these services for one low price. This can greatly cut your yearly costs.

Entertain Customers on the Cheap

A recent trend in restaurants is to offer personal TVs with satellite service at each table. Of course, this has become a huge hit, but at a costly expense. Instead of expensive entertainment, look for ways to entertain customers on the cheap. For example, host a movie night each night of the week. Mondays could be family night, Tuesday could be romantic comedy night, etc. Be creative!

Find More Affordable Ways to Accept Credit Cards

Is your point of sale system eating away at your profits? Then find another service that meets your needs. The best POS service skips the fees and only charges a percentage of the transaction. Research businesses and options until you find the most affordable option.

Overhead costs can quickly sink a small business, especially restaurants. If you want to make it past the three year mark, you need to be creative with your budget. Partner with a food delivery service, find affordable ways to entertain customers, and lower the transaction costs of accepting credit and debit card payments.

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