Renting a 46Ft Mobile LED Screen For Your Music Event

If you’re a musician or a music promoter that’s trying to make a name for yourself or your band there’s practically nothing better that you could do to get noticed and be seen than to think about a gigantic 46 foot mobile LED screen hire from Sky Fly for your next concert or appearance.

Let’s put it into perspective. You want to be seen, yes? Indeed, if you’re new on the scene, you NEED to be seen and, with an enormous mobile LED screen on stage behind you (or to the left of you or the right of you) everyone that comes to the concert is going to be able to see you, not just the people in the first few rows or the ‘expensive’ seats.

If your band has amazing outfits or your lead singer is super-hot you’ll definitely get more fans and get more screams if people can see your outfits and lead singer clearly and beautifully. A 46 foot mobile LED screen can really add a powerful punch to your stage presence and leave people with the feeling that they saw something ‘awesome’ or ‘wicked’. (Those are great buzzwords with the younger crowd.)

The fact is, with an enormous LED screen (click to see a video) you can turn any event from a ‘limited’ or ‘invitation only’ happening into an all-access event that people can see from anywhere in the stadium, yard or even across the country. Indeed, opening up the field of vision to the entire crowd will push sales, increase affinity for the musicians onstage and make everybody feel like they are part of the concert!

When you have a 46 foot mobile big screen you can increase the participation that the fans have, you can increase the revenue that you generate significantly and the amount of enjoyment that the fans get goes through the roof! A huge mobile screen can also increase the publicity that you get just because it’s so hard to miss.

So for your next music event do yourself, and your fans, a favor and hire a giant LED screen. If you do you’ll make sure that everyone will get in on the party!

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