Renovating Your Home: Here Is Some Sound Advice

Deciding to renovate your home can be a stressful, yet exciting time in your life. Here are a few tips that may help you and your family glide through the process a bit easier.

Magazines and More

A perfect way to test your decorating style is to purchase renovation/decorating magazines. Flip through them and pull out anything that appeals to you including paint colors, housing styles, accessories/fixtures and anything else you love. Make use of the pages as you daydream about and plan your new space.

Move Out!

People vary on whether they think it’s best to move or stay during the home renovation process. No matter what they may tell you, it’s best to secure a Sacramento CA storage unit for your household goods and furniture. This project is going to net a great reward, but it will have its difficult moments along the way. Consider treating the family to nice extended-stay hotel rather then live in the renovation mess.

Plans Must Be Made

Take time to roughly sketch out what you think you want to do during your renovation. Consider small changes that may make a big impact, such as removing half or whole wall which can open up a room in a miraculous way. Once you know basically where you want to go, hire a professional architect to draw up your plans and advise you on the best ways to accomplish your goals. A good architect should be able to help with city permit issues too.

A Reasonable Budget is Your Friend

Try not to stress yourself out with a budget that is so restrictive that it will have you worrying every time a bill must be paid. Instead, pad your budget by about 15%. That way you know you have the money while also making a game of seeing where you can make cuts. For example, peruse internet sites where you can get home items for free or very little cost. Scour home improvement stores for close-outs and good sales as every penny counts for your bottom line.

Dreams Come True

While in your hotel room with the family, spend the time wisely by planning room colors and final decorating touches. Allow everyone some input on common areas and bedrooms. Celebrate how amazing the house will turn out and how exciting it will be to move back in as this is likely to stimulate gratefulness in the whole family for this dream come true.

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