Rate Of App Developers Building HTML5 Apps Dipping Slowly

Lately, two factors have completely revolutionized the lives of both business men and individuals. First is the mobile app development; and second, internet. The furtherance of both these parameters has completely floored everyone across all parts of the world.

As we are discussing about the app developers here, let’s put aside the second option causing sensation around the world. Our primary aim is the mobile app development and developers take on designing and developing applications for different platforms.

Every day you hit up on news headlines related to mobile app development and developers which has been creating buzz among to-be developers and organizations. Again here we’ll be discussing on one such app development method which is failing to do well in the market.

The Grueling Debate – Native vs. HTML5 Applications:

A long standing question standing in the way of application developers and users is the benefits associated with the native and HTML 5 app development. The debate between these two entities is red-hot and never ending.

While a group app developers claim that native mobile applications is the best fit for mobile application growth and performance, other set argue that HTML 5 will the futuristic solution to the development of applications with brilliant user experience. Well, let’s put aside the argument and debate, and just learn firsthand about what these two entities are!

Native App Development:

The applications for mobile devices that can be downloaded to devices for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows are revealed as native mobile apps. The issue related to them is most of them are cross-platform compatible and mayn’t support different devices as well.

HTML5 App Development:

Otherwise known as web applications are something that is emerging out of nowhere. The devices can be available on the browsers which can run on multiple devices without any issues. The cross-platform compatibility has made these applications popular and as a result they’re widely sought after by many.

Why Mobile Application Developers Refraining from HTML5 App Development?

According to a recent report from the Mobile Trends Report, the performance of HTML 5 applications on different browsers is expected to be below par. As a result most app developers are showing less intent on developing such applications.

In fact, the rate of app developers focusing on this type of app development has slipped to 59% from 80% recently. The figures reveal there is a significant decrease in the rate and it may further increase in the near future. Apart from the performance, another factor that has evicted the app developers from this app development is access to native features. The HTML5 apps were not able to provide such benefits.

Facebook Impact:

While the two factors discussed above have significant impact on the development of HTML5 applications, another biggest factor that has impacted the growth of this is the Facebook’s decision to opt for native mobile app.

As the social media giant decided to go with native mobile app development, most technology giants have started to rethink their strategies and wish to go after native mobile apps rather HTML5. As a number of users connecting with Facebook are always aplenty and only native mobile apps have the ability to help users reach them without any hassles.

Under the given circumstances, it is evident that native mobile application development holds a clear edge over the HTML 5 app development. But, the scenario may change in the upcoming days to come with some interesting details and benefits revealed about the HTML5 app development. As of now, app developers have started to focus on native apps which offer surplus features and benefits to customers.

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