Questions To Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Luxury Home

Selling a luxury home is no easy job, but at the same time it doesn’t need to be nearly as taxing as some seem to think it is. It’s no secret that high-value homes and homes of distinction don’t tend to sell at nearly the same kind of rate as standard family homes, but with the right approach and the right agent to boot they can, do and will indeed sell.

In terms of what the property’s owners can do to facilitate a sale that’s not only fast but agreeable throughout, there are certain boxes to tick and questions to be asked. According to the experts at, the worst thing any seller can do is to just sit back and expect the pieces to fall into place naturally. They might, but at the same time you can guarantee yourself a far more successful selling process if you address the following questions first:

Is the Price Realistic?

Above and beyond all other considerations, your home will not sell if the price you’re asking is not realistic. It’s tempting to trust the advice of the agent that quotes the very highest price and to ignore the advice of those suggesting it’s worth a fair bit less. This can be a bad idea however as an overpriced home is doomed to linger on the market for so long, prospective buyers will begin to think there’s a serious flaw with the place and will avoid it like the plague.

How Will It Be Marketed?

A good agent will have their own tried and tested approaches when it comes to marketing properties. At the same time however, it’s your property and you should know what’s happening with it. For example, you may want to ensure your property listing does the rounds on social media but does not appear via various online brokers – it’s up to you to make any such requests. Speak to your agent to go over the options.

Will There Be Virtual Tours, Panoramic Images etc.?

More than 90% of all buyers interested in picking up a new property start their searches online. As such, the video clips, images and interactive guides you provide for your own property listing will make a very big difference when it comes to closing a deal or otherwise. In this instance, quality will always have more power than quantity – a few breath-taking images of supreme quality will work so much better than a thousand smaller images. Be thoughtful and creative with the way your property is presented and never overlook the importance of professional assistance.

Should I Be Selling Right Now?

The luxury end of the property market tends to be uniquely stable. But at the same time, the time of year during which you list your property can make a huge difference to both its perceived value and its appeal. For example, trying to pitch a stunning waterside property to a buyer on a freezing cold and rainy February morning is a tough ask to say the least. By contrast, a blanket of snow around a rural property can make it almost irresistible above and beyond all other weather conditions. Again, if unsure as to the right time of year to sell your property, speak to your agent.

Should I Arrange For Professional Staging?

Staging refers to the process of having your home and its surroundings made over for the specific purpose of making it more appealing in the images viewed by prospective buyers. From action shots to inspiring sunset images and so on, it’s amazing how the right staging can make an incredible property look even more enticing. It’s of course optional, but for some properties comes highly recommended.

Am I In a Hurry?

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that selling a luxury property will almost always be a more long-winded process than selling a standard home and there are plenty of unique sales-avenues to explore. As such, if for any reason you are in a hurry to get the place sold, then this is something you need to make very clear from day one when dealing with your agent. Suffice to say that rushing a sale rarely results in the very best offer for the place being found and accepted, buy if time is a resource you just don’t have in your possession, faster sales can be encouraged along. Just be sure to deal with an agent who knows the importance and timeliness and one that won’t sacrifice quality of service for speed.

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