Pushing Your Business to the International Level

Every business, no matter how big or small, aspires to go to the next level. This perhaps culminates into the business having an international presence. Every New Year brings with it a set of resolutions and goals put in place by a company. If your company?s goal is to go international, then it would be best to take into consideration the following tips.

The economy is a constantly evolving one, and what happens normally has a ripple effect on businesses. A lot is slated to happen this year, with reforms in health care, changes in regulations, and the overall volatility of the economy continuing. As a company that seeks to expand internationally, you must do a great deal of groundwork to discover and tap newer markets. You will also have to explore ways to market to a brand new target audience; this will help you gain a foothold in a new market.


Most companies fail to do this, but you will need to pick the brains of your employees. Each generation of entrepreneurs and youngsters that comes into the world of business has a new perspective on things. Get them together and brainstorm for ways of going global. You will be surprised at how succinct and simple some of the ideas are. In fact, you can even delegate the expansion of some markets to colleagues that show the most knowledge and aptitude for it.

Look Inward

Over the years, the core focus of a company tends to get a little clouded. Revisit the original goals that you set out with, and see which area of your business best describes this goal. You will be able to find a pitch that will take you international. There is always a dearth of good service providers, and you have to make yourself unique and heard amidst the melee.

Competitive Pricing

No matter what kind of business you’re in, when you are entering a new market, being competitive with your pricing is a must. There may be several other retailers who will sell you similar brands, but what you can do is add more value to the product based on specific locations, superior post-sales service, ease of procurement for the customer, etc.; all of these features make a huge difference. Being courteous and providing a quality product should be your hallmark.

Find a Local

Every company needs a rainmaker, and you will need one for yourself. This is a person who can bring in business for you that is not based on the pricing you offer. Having a local person in the country in which you plan to expand can work well too, since he or she will know the local market, what it lacks, and what can give you an edge. Perseverance is what you should be looking for when conducting your interviews and your choice should be able to show you tangible results from earlier such ventures.

Set Goals

There is also something to setting aggressive goals. Once you have your target in mind, you are going to invariably examine how previous successes really worked. These same principles can be expanded upon and applied to achieving the new goals set for your expansion. Also, making an assessment of your team and what makes it work at every level is important. Besides what makes it work, what serves as its undoing too is equally important. In an expansion plan, a small factor such as an inadequate customer support employee can be disastrous in terms of bad publicity.

Be open to new mediums of promotion. A lot has changed since you first opened your business, and what may have worked for you until now may not do well in the international scenario. Do your research on what will work best for your business model.

Author Bio: Ryan Ayers is a writer and blogger who creates articles relating to business. In this article, he offers tips for businesses wishing to expand internationally and aims to encourage further study with a Masters Degree in Diplomacy.

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