Promoting Efficiency Within Your Office

When it comes to making any sort of improvement in your office, a conscious effort and a well-designed plan are needed to bring about any substantive changes. Yet developing some new efficiencies doesn’t require that you purchase new equipment or hire additional employees. Instead, you can re-engineer existing processes and optimize the IT infrastructure you already have. These kinds of improvements can potentially lead to happier, more productive employees and higher profit margins.


Rigid schedules have the potential to hurt employee productivity and morale, which makes optimizing workloads and office hours key to business success. Energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, making it important to schedule work when employees are performing at their peak. Whether you’re more active in the evening or the morning is dictated by your biological (or circadian) rhythm. All employees have different rhythms, which don’t always fit the standard workday. The traditional 9-to-5 structure is being challenged throughout the U.S. with more people working unconventional schedules than ever before.

Reliable Technology

If your company relies on the Internet and software packages to conduct business, a reliable server and IT infrastructure is essential. All the processing, memory and management features of a server are sometimes shared by multiple users. This is true in a Web hosting environment where a third-party sells space to multiple customers.

However, by utilizing a dedicated server, all of that functionality and capability is allocated to one user. Whether it’s kept in-house or is leased from a hosting provider that specializes in dedicated server hosting, the added speed and flexibility enhances the efficiency of your operations. It also provides employees secure and consistent access to information.

Office Layout

If employees are cramped together in a noisy environment, they may get distracted and fail to complete their work in a timely fashion. Creating the right environment is imperative for promoting productivity, and adding quiet spaces or rooms has the power to increase efficiency. You can also produce more efficient work by moving cubicles further apart or completely changing your office layout. Fun decorations and vibrant colors have the power to improve morale making it fun to come to work. Available floor space is an important aspect of office design, so you have to plan within your constraints.

Tools and References

Setting employees up for success is an easy way to promote productivity. From phone lists and contact sheets to having frequently asked questions posted in a group forum, you can take certain steps to provide employees with the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Without the right instructions and services, employees are left to figure out their own solutions to problems or waste time searching for answers. Tech tools such as Google Docs, Dropbox and RoboForm can allow employees to perform their jobs more effectively than ever before.

Although many hurdles exist when it comes to improving office systems, simple methods and dedicated server solutions can streamline operations in a cost-effective manner. The more efficient your office is, the more able you’ll be to meet the needs of customers, the higher the morale among employees and the better your chances of being a profitable business.

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