Pro Tips for Successful Auto Glass Replacement

It’s always a sinking feeling: walking out of a store or restaurant to the parking lot and finding a car window busted open. Even if broken auto glass is the result of an accident rather than theft, the scenario isn’t much better. Yes, shattered auto glass not only presents safety hazards in the form of jagged bits of debris, but fixing a windshield or side window is often even more labor intensive than buffing out dings and scratches on the car’s body. That’s because the vehicle owner usually needs to search out not just qualified professionals, but those who can fit specific glass to a specific car.

To this end, there are certain things everyone should know if they find themselves in the unenviable situation where they need to replace auto glass. So here are the basic, professional tips that anyone and everyone who is a victim of damage regarding auto glass should keep in mind.

Not all Auto Glass is Created Equal

If only all auto glass operated in a one-size-fits all policy. But unfortunately this isn’t the case. In fact, the best windshields or windows are usually factory installed, which means that after market glass the repair shop is going to put in will likely be subpar. It may even need to be force fitted to the window frame. To the average car owner, this may not be an issue, but those who lease their cars should be wary – the leasing company may charge the leaser for failure to have original parts on the vehicle.

Don’t skimp on Quality of Price

Windshields are as much pieces of safety equipment as they are barriers for keeping elements out. Vehicle engineers spent a lot of time designing modern windshields to prevent ejection of passengers in the case of an accident. So while it may be easy on the wallet to accept the lowest price quote from the least reputable glass guy, it could actually wind up being dangerous.

Don’t be bullied by Insurance Companies

By law, drivers are required to have insurance. They are not, however, required to take a damaged vehicle to the glass repair outfit of that insurers choice. The insured has guaranteed rights under the law, one of which being the ability to take their car to any repair shop they choose. Also, a glass repair outfit recommended by an insurance company in all likelihood won’t have the capacity to install glass properly and safely for the specific vehicle in question.

Be wary of Glass Shops as Well

Because some will employ bait-and-switch tactics (quoting one price for a windshield and then “adjusting” that figure when it comes time to pay) for those paying out of pocket for new auto glass. To this end, it’s important to get a firm estimate in advance.

By adhering to the above guidelines, not only will people be able to replace their auto glass in as smooth a manner as possible, but they should be able to keep their deductible low as well.

Ben Hanson is a professional blogger that provides information and advice for auto body damage. He writes for Premier 1 Auto Glass, a leader in auto glass replacement and repairs in Tampa Bay FL.

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