Presenting A First Class Exhibition Stand

Exhibiting at trade shows can be an extremely effective way of building awareness of your business, making sales, launching new products and increasing customer databases. Exhibitions can generate many quality leads to follow up afterwards and generally speaking the investment is worth it, if you put enough groundwork and planning in beforehand.

There really is no substitute to talking directly, face to face to potential customers. The onus is on you to perform well, communicate clearly and concisely the strengths and benefits of your product or service. With the help of a well-designed and professional exhibition stand package, your job is made easier as it is swiftly impressed upon customers that you are a serious player.

Think Tactics and Positioning

Avoid setting up your display stand by the entrance to the exhibition as your potential customers will not yet have adjusted their focus, they will still be attending to their coats, tickets and bags – and will sail right past you. When reserving your pitch, go for sites that are to the left of the entrance (statistically customers turn left on entering such events), this way you’ll get them while they are still fresh and open minded. Space is always very limited at exhibitions, so think about how to squeeze as much value out of every square inch. Plan the layout of the stand beforehand so you know where everything is going to go – the aim is to achieve a harmonious and uncluttered space that positively pulls people in, it’s so enticing!

Be Welcoming

Whilst it is always a good idea to put knowledgeable staff on an exhibition stand, it’s good if they can also be warm and welcoming human beings. Being an expert in your field doesn’t automatically confer on you people skills – so be mindful of putting the right faces up front for initial contact with new customers. Treating everybody like royalty is often a good tactic because the most unpromising leads can become big sales.  Remember that trade fairs are full of people from a similar field, looking to find the next big thing that will help their business – they are pre-disposed to spending money. Many conference or trade fair attendees get sore feet from all the walking around from stand to stand, so providing comfortable seating is good if space permits. And once you have them sat down, you can start on your sales pitch!

Be Clear

Exhibition display stands should speak loud and clear about who you are and what you do. There should be no confusion over what the product or service is. Bold and concise design with crystal clear graphics and solid brand awareness looks good and inspires confidence. As well as dynamic presentation on the stand itself have plenty of literature on hand for interested parties to take away with them. Ensure that lighting is sharp but not too bright and that there is ‘flow’ and logic to your stand.

Offer Extras

Samples and freebies always get people’s attention. Put thought into some special items that will lure customers in at the same time as telling them about your product. The smell of coffee is known to tempt the jaded exhibition go-er, so make sure there is always a pot brewing.

Making certain parts of your display stand out can help!

Allow Customer Interaction

Customer interaction is usually a hit and getting them involved can really pay dividends. Asking them to complete their details on interactive iPod apps or entering themselves in draws and competitions can be a good way of engaging with people as well as increasing your customer database for later sales approaches. The technology you employ in the exhibition stand is often an effective way of capturing attention. Are you going to display DVDs of your product in action? Will the company website be on display and accessible at the stand? Drawing customers in is all about making them curious and engaged, and technology is often the best way of achieving this.

Presenting a first class exhibition stand has a direct impact on how you are perceived as a company. Putting together a professional display stand that informs and engages potential customers, is one of the most powerful sales tools available. Why not think about how your business could benefit from such an approach?  You will be amazed at the results…

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