PG & Hostel Search Feature- An Overview is a real estate website that utilizes technology and data analytics in offering property related services online. The portal has a whole array of search features as well as other services that help end users find properties for purchase as well as rental.  It is commonplace knowledge that the quanta of rentals far outweigh the number of purchases. As a result, has segregated the search for properties into numerous sections to facilitate the end users.

This effort has yielded a ‘PG & Hostel’ section on the main page of the housing portal. All the students and young professionals-who want to find affordable accommodations in cities- where they work/study can easily search for rooms that meet their requirements.

Initiating the PG and Hostel Search

To start the search for PG and hostel accommodations, an end user has to log into and click on the photo that says ‘PG & Hostels’. Let us assume that this end user is looking for PG in Gurgaon. Clicking on the aforementioned option leads him/her to the search page where the name of the locality in Gurgaon where this end user wants to live is to be typed. The auto-fill menu prompts this end user to choose the name of the locality as he/she types.

Once the name has been typed/selected, then two filter options come up. The first one requires the end user to choose the accommodation for ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’. One can check both the options. The second filter requires selecting a minimum and/or maximum rental price. One can choose to key in information in one or both filter options.

The results are revealed in a map of the locality of Gurgaon that the end user has selected. The accommodations only for boys and girls are marked in universal symbols of gender. All the listings are exhibited within the boundaries of the locality. The end user has the option to use the mouse to draw the boundary outwards, thereby selecting the adjacent locality as well. This ensures that the search lies within the control of the end user.

At this point, numerous other filter options are accessible which allow sorting these accommodations through a “fine sieve”. These options allow selecting accommodations according to their amenities, number of bathrooms and much more.

PG Specifications

These days, people convert any available space into a PG accommodation and offer it online. There is no way to verify whether such a PG accommodation in Gurgaon is as good as the owner claims it to be. This is where offers verified information related to the accommodation. Every property specification comes with verified photographs and other details. These photographs are taken by an agent of, in a manner that the whole accommodation is appropriately captured. Additionally, there is adequate information about the property provided as well. The house rules, food, amenity information and locality details are listed. One can find the distance of banks, schools, restaurants, hospitals, parks, grocery shops from the accommodation as well.

All this does not even require the end user to budge from his/her home. Any PG in Gurgaon can be shortlisted by a click of a button and/or the landlord be contacted.

In conclusion allows end users to virtually explore not only a PG but also the neighbourhood. The details are insightful enough to allow selection/rejection.

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