Path Breaking Technologies of Rolex watches

A lot of accessories come on to become more than just mere accessories for utility and assume a position in the life of a person which has a meaning attached to it. As the most common example, a wristwatch can be seen to be one of the most common pieces of accessories which are seen to be an enhancer of the overall persona of a person . This is why there seems to be a boom in the wristwatch segment in the market these days, with a lot of watches coming on to be worn and used by people all across the world. This pursuit of finding the right watch has made people to come on and relish a lot of different watch brands, which has in turn made these watch brands really popular. Rolex is one such wristwatch brands which has been really famous and has been looked up to for a long time.

It is the bent which the company has had towards developing technologically enhanced time keeping pieces in the modern times is the reason why such a brand stature is enjoyed by Rolex. Quartz movement in watches is one technology in wristwatches which has been literally pioneered by Rolex .The company had hired a lot of engineers and watch making technicians to power and design the implementation of quartz movement in the Oyster line of watches which were marketed by Rolex. The Beta 21 movement was yet another technological innovation which was not just supported but also marketed by Rolex and came on to regarded  as the greatest innovation in wristwatches at that time around. This was a result of a collaboration of Rolex with as many as sixteen Swiss watch manufacturers , which led to this being a part of the Rolex Quartz Date 5100 model. What followed this was the clean-slate” 5035/5055 movement which was yet another path-breaking technology in wristwatches, and took as long as five years for Rolex to develop and market. This was later used to power the Rolex Oysterquartz.

Automatic movement  and quartz movement are the technologies which have Rolex written all over them. Both of these are aimed towards saving the beholder of the watch the unnecessary effort of winding and provide for an easy and better keeping of time. These have eventually led to the creation and the use of better and much more accurate wrist wa

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