Overview Of The Tablet Apple iPad Air 2

Today we are here with the overview of just launched, beautiful tablet from the Apple the iPad Air 2.


It has 9.7 inches display. The viewing angles are very wide at the screen, it’s really convenient to watch movies and pictures together – and then the appropriate size, and resolution is high, and there is no color distortion. Capacitive layer supports up to ten simultaneous touches that can be checked and apply, for example, in the standard application Garage Band.

The air gap between the cover glass and the screen itself has become much less noticeable, but it still is there. Of course, a polarizing filter and oleophobic layer are available. The display does not fade even in bright ambient light – partly it is a merit of the new anti-reflective filter, a little more efficiently Silencing reflection.

Margin of brightness at the screen of the iPad Air 2: maximum luminosity white field increased from 409 to 427.5 cd / m 2. However, maybe the whole thing is again in the producer of the matrix. Minimum level of illumination is a total of 12 cd / m 2. In the darkness, the device is very gently on the eyes.

The maximum luminosity of the black field with a sufficiently high brightness stock small is 0.4 cd / m 2. This means that the black color looks deep even at 100% illumination of the display. The display is very contrast – nearly 1070: 1, and that the measurement of “honest” way: white and black are displayed in a ratio of 50/50.

Color Temperature displays in both iPad Air is about the same. On average, it is 7000-7100 kelvin. Recall that the reference value is considered to be 6500 K. The deviation of a minor, although any significant “cold” color on both screens, we have not seen. The color temperature is more natural.

Hardware and Performance

In terms of technical stuffing iPad Air 2 – a phenomenon largely unique to Apple and for the industry as a whole. You should start with the fact that it is – the first gadget from Cupertino, which uses the platform with more than two cores. In the device installed system-on-a-chip A8X. You may think that this is a slightly modified version of the platform A8, which is installed in the iPhone 6/6 Plus, but it is not so. Well, or not at all: this is a fundamentally different SoC – much more powerful.

It uses three modified core Cyclone, instead of two as in the conventional A8. Their frequency is increased to 100 MHz – 1.4 GHz to 1.5. A 64-bit instruction set ARMv8-A, which Apple switched from the time of iPhone 5s. The chip is made ​​by Taiwanese factories TSMC on the most modern technological process on which TSMC is able to do at the moment – 20 nm. More subtle process helps save energy or increase productivity. With a presentation on the frame is easy to guess that Apple chose to raise the power of the chip.

Well, this configuration gives pretty good and flawless performance and it wins the tag of recommended tablet. Also, now there is new story started in the market regarding upcoming iPad Air 3, which would of course more advanced.

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