Over Your Head: Market Your Roofing Business

Marketing a construction business isn’t as difficult as it sounds – especially if you’re in the business of roofing. Most people need a new roof every 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the existing roof. While marketing can’t replace good workmanship, it can make sure that you’re schedule stays full and you always have food on the table.

Specify Your Target Audience

Your marketing will be worthless if you can’t specify your target market. Know who would be in need of your services. It might seem obvious – those with deteriorating roofs. But there’s more to it than that. There are actually two different kinds of roofing customers. The first is the customer who waits until the very last moment to replace his roof. The other is the proactive type who is concerned with keeping the value of the home up.

For the cheap customer, you need to point out the practical benefits of replacing a roof early – the prevention of more serious problems like leaking, for example. Roofs that are on their last legs sometimes take the decking with them, which is a costly repair. Customers who are cheap probably won’t want to replace everything down to the rafters, so focus on the potential problems of procrastinating.

For the more proactive customer, you need to focus on the quality of your workmanship. You should show pictures of the best roofing jobs you’re capable of and include samples of beautiful roofing materials with all of your quotes.

Mark Up Your Truck

Put signs on the side of your truck. Get vinyl decals that display your phone number. Check with local ordinances about what permits, if any, are required before you do this. Use a high-contrast colour so that it’s easy to see when you drive past people on the road. Not only will this increase your level of professionalism, it might just be the best form of advertising you have.

Hand Out Referral Cards

When a customer is happy with your work, ask that they do not keep you a secret. Hand out referral cards. Also ask your customer if he knows of anyone who might be interested in a quote. Don’t just leave it up to the customer to mail in a referral later. Often, people might mean to refer you but forget – and delay is the death of a sale.

Put Signs Out At Job Sites

As people drive by while you’re working, they might be thinking about replacing their roof. If your sign is out front, and they see you’re doing a really nice job, they might be tempted to write down your number and give you a call.

Even when the job is done, it pays to ask your customer to keep your sign out front for at least 30 days. As people drive by, and see what a great job you’ve done, they’ll have the opportunity to call you for their next project.

Send Out A Newsletter

You might not be the most prolific writer, but that’s OK. Sending out a newsletter can keep you in contact with your existing customers, and even potential clients. It can also serve as a valuable marketing tool. Suppose you want to use a sweepstakes as an enticement to join your mailing list. If you mail out postcards, for example, and collect names of people who want to be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for a free roof, you might give away one roof, but get three paid customers who didn’t win but still want the work done.

John Sheppard has managed his roofing business for two decades now. When he’s not busy at work, he likes to relax by blogging online. Visit the www.lenstore.co.uk and see how they reach out to their customer base.

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