Opening a Retail Store? 4 Tips for Appealing to Customers

Despite the increasing popularity of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail is still a huge and important component of the economy. People need things to do, and one of America’s favorite pastimes is shopping.

However, just because brick-and-mortar retail is so ingrained into modern society does not mean succeeding in retail is easy. Plenty of stores fail and close up shop every day. If you want to succeed for the long term, you need to know how to appeal to customers. Below are four tips that can help.

Advertise Locally

If people aren’t aware of a new retail store, they obviously won’t give you business. You have to educate your community on your store’s existence, and the only way you can do that is through local advertising. Try to get as direct as possible. Direct mail, for example, is an excellent strategy. Consider mailing things like coupons to lure in new customers.

Create an Inviting Space

The visual aspect of a retail store is also extremely important. It plays a more important role than you may realize. A dark and dreary atmosphere is not conductive to people spending money or even wanting to step into a building in the first place. You need attractive exterior and interior design. Cleanliness is also important. A clean store will make you seem trustworthy to the consumer.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Another element that can certainly not be overlooked is the human element of retail. Customer service is extremely important. If consumers don’t feel your employees were helpful or empathetic to their needs and concerns, chances are they will never shop with you again. The first impression your employees make with customers is vital. So is the second, third and fourth impression. Train your employees well and make pleasing customers the bedrock of your company culture.

Focus Both on Quality and Price

There’s two general ways to compete in the retail marketplace. You can compete either on price or quality. The smartest retailers implement both strategies. They have choices for cheaper generic products as well as higher quality brand name options that are sold at a premium. If you want your customers to buy commercial air conditioners, you better have plenty of options to choose from. If not, many consumers may get frustrated and seek out competitors with more choices.

Retail is of course one of the major ways products get sold. However, just because retail is so common does not mean it’s easy. You have to use some strategy to be successful. The four tips above are only a starting point.

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